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Egoota.com is online classifieds ads listing sites. Here everyone can come and put your business ads or classifieds ads and generate backlinks to your websites. Your Ad listing will be 100% free no need of putting money from your Pocket.  You can put ad regarding all topics no need to worry about limited addition of categories. Don’t submit the spam or adult content please. We will remove your content if you will spam or adult content Immediately. After submitting or posting ads on our website we will directly this on our social media channels to increase brand value of the business. One stop solution for building backlinks for your website. We will engage with people who looking for selling or buying for products or services. your classified ad will secure and safe and no need to worry about it. Customer support will there with you for 24/7 if you have any queries feel to contact us. Please provide unique content while doing submission process.


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Post your ad in below or else send via mail to sandyseo6@gmail.com. Fill the basic requirements regarding the ad such as title, description, image, gmail id, phone number, website link, address (city, country, pin code).



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Yes, we are accepting guest blogging or guest posting on our blog. one voice can’t speak all things, we want to bring group of voices to speak about different niches to speak facts, truth via guest blogging or contribute articles on our blog. Hope Egoota.com is the one stop solution for Guest Blogging.  we will pay you money also if your articles reaches pretty number views. Never feel shy to contact us.


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yeah! our blog is quite interesting with articles that belongs different niches. Few articles where written by me and some of them where written by guest bloggers. You might think that this website guys are accepting the guest blogging articles?
Yup we accept guest bloggers and as well as article submission on our blog.  But we don’t accept press release articles where you have already submitted on PR sites.

You can check below image regarding DA ( domain authority) and PA (Page authority) of our website.

Egoota.com : Site Age:7 years and 123 days

we write articles about all types of niches no need to worry about it. Thinks changes time to time. We will get one backlink to your website via author bio not in content part. I will never charge money for guest blogging on my website only if your will to pay for me.

Check this link for more information about my blog

write for us


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You can contact us via contact us form or gmail id i.e, sandyseo6@gmail.com. Once we receive information from you. we will get touch with you in 24-48 hours. If you want to remove spam or any content from our blog also please contact us. We respect all people words. 

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