10 Perfect Party Kickers

Parties in our life have an immense importance. They are one stop solution for all the problems, or that is what we think. Well, it is true in some cases. What’s so interesting about parties? Well, there are people with a single motive of releasing the stress to the music and drinks. Music that makes your body move and drinks cuts you lose. Loose from all the ties, loose from the mind and allows you to be you without any sense of fear of judgment. Well, here we have a list of cocktails that have proven to be the best party kickers.

1.       Sangria: A classic cocktail enjoyed by millions around the globe. This elegant cocktail was once popular only amongst the reserved class of the society who had the privilege to have fine wine any day of the week. Sangria is now more common in the youth. A classy drink with the base as wine (Red/White) and chopped apples. Sangria tastes the best when prepared in a fine fermented wine that is stored at the perfect temperature. Personally, I’m fond of White-Wine Sangria as it is supposed to be served chilled and doesn’t require additional cooling agents like ice cubes. A basic cocktail with the simplest recipe, suitable for house parties. A glass of Sangria is enough to get the party started.

2.       Mojito: Another classic one. Introduced to world by Cubans, a Mojito is a classic high-ball cocktail. It is a favourite one in the tropical condition. Lemon, sugar and crushed ice, make it a perfect cocktail to kick start a part in the day. A Mojito is a white rum-based cocktail, smooth, hitting and quite tasty. An equating flavour of the rum, lemon and sugar makes the taste favourable across the globe.

3.       Pina Colada: There must be a compelling reason for Pina Colada to be the National Drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. A rejuvenating cocktail under the sun. A Pina Colada has simple ingredients, white rum, coconut milk/cream and pineapple juice. This tropical drink is usually served with ice in a fancy curvy glass along with a pineapple wedge as a garnish. Pina Colada is a sweet cocktail making it appropriate to start the party with something more light, delicate and tasty.

4.       Bloody Mary: Bloody Mary at the end of a tiring day is heaven. However, it is difficult to spot Bloody Mary at a party as it is believed to be the hangover drink. Although, it has a compelling amount of Vodka, the drink isn’t strong. A cocktail that tastes tangy and spicy is my favourite way to kick start any party. The addition of hot sauce and salt is an excursion to the body with the vivid taste of Vodka makes the cocktail just impeccable. Just like any other complex cocktail, Bloody Mary can be prepared in the way you like to drink, either stirred or shaken.

5.       Whiskey Sour: The Whiskey Sour is a whiskey cocktail that can be a party kicker. I know you guys would be wondering that Old-Fashioned is one of the finest and best whiskey cocktails, why not include it. Well, old fashioned is more of a conversation builder drink due to its alcohol content and the strong taste. Whiskey Sour is a simple cocktail to prepare for a house party, the ingredients required are basics. The recipe is same as Mojito, replace rum with whiskey. A fine bubbly cocktail with some sourness from the lemon and chill of the whiskey. Here’s a tip: Always prepare a whiskey sour in a blended scotch whiskey.

6.       White Russian: To all the people who think that Vodka is a ‘Ladies’ drink, I bet you shall change your opinion after having White Russian. One of the manliest cocktails in this list, White Russian is a neat drink that can be enjoyed over the globe. Ideally, the flavours of the ingredients should not taste good together, however, they compliment each other and create a perfect drink. A White Russian can be prepared at a house party as well. Take a whiskey tub, add 2 parts of Vodka, 1 part of Coffee Liquor and fresh cream; top off the mixture with ice cubes. Your White Russian is ready to kick-start you.

7.       Margarita: One of the fanciest drinks on the list. This drink not only looks good but tastes good as well. Personally, “Margarita is the 2nd best thing happened to mankind after French Fries!” Ironically, both the things go hand in hand. Margarita is a tequila-based cocktail with orange liquor and lime juice to balance the flavours. These are the standard ingredients required to prepare a Margarita. It is always served in a stemmed glass blended with ice and salt ring on the rim. In pop-culture, Margarita is quite popular with flavours, my favourite is Kiwi Margarita. The role of salt is an important one, it balances the sourness and enriches all the flavours of all the alcohols.

8.       Shandy: Probably the only beer cocktail that I can drink. This cocktail is more of a late bloomer than a party kicker, then again, so are all the other cocktails included in this list. Shandy is the simplest of all the cocktails. Take 4-parts beer and add 1-part lemon/lime flavoured soda directly in a highball or a beer glass. The recipe and the ingredients do sound a bit off, however, ridiculously and weirdly it tastes good.

9.       Long Island Iced Tea: It doesn’t seem that this cocktail requires an introduction. It is the most popular across the world. It is served in every country where alcohol is available, and it can be found in the shadiest bars as well. Long Island Iced Tea gets its name from the place where it was invented, Long Island, New York. It is a combination five white spirits topped of with a dash of cola on a pile of ice cubes. The spirits include: White Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin & Orange Liquor (Triple Sec). The drink is typically served in a highball glass.

10.   Martini: I was always fascinated with this cocktail. Having heard a thousand times in the Bond films, never understood the desire and craving for this cocktail until I experienced it myself. Now, that I have tasted it, I realize the craving. A classic cocktail that is served straight up in a stemmed glass containing just three ingredients. The base of the cocktail is either gin or vodka and dry vermouth with some garnish for the flavour. A Martini can be shaken or stirred and believe me, both have completely different tastes. The standard method is stirring; however, I prefer shaken, just like Bond.

Well, this is the list of cocktails that can be excellent party kickers. Try out yourself and let us know the best one. If I missed out any other party kicker, do mention in the comments.

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