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13 Card Rummy Game: Play to Win BIG this March

A game that is itched in the hearts of our lives, Indian rummy has been a household name that is played religiously in major occasions like Diwali, Holi, birthday parties or even weekend get togethers across India. Over the past few years, the game has perforated into the internet of things and since then, Indian rummy has enjoyed a new avatar that comes adorned with new features and rules for the game. Today, it is popularly called 13 card rummy game that’s played between 2-6 players with a deck of 52 cards. 

So, those new to the online adaption of 13 card rummy game, we shall offer a brief guide on its exciting features and share few tips on how to collect winnings this month in online rummy. Let’s begin.

How to Play 13 Card Rummy Game

The 13 card rummy game, aka Indian rummy is a skill based card game that’s played between 2 or more players where 13 cards each are dealt in a clockwise manner to the players. While there exists many variations in this century old game, we shall discuss the most widely featured 13 card variant in online rummy portals of the day. 

How to Get Started

  • 13 card rummy game is played between 2-6 players and each player is dealt 13 cards in a clockwise form 
  • Each player must form valid combinations of sets and sequences with the allotted cards
  • Players may pick cards from the open deck to form combinations and replace them with one of their unwanted cards
  • Each combination must include a pure sequence for a valid declaration
  • The deck also includes bonus cards and printed joker cards that can be used to substitute a missing card
  • The player who declares his or her cards with valid combinations with a pure sequence wins the game with zero points

To add more clarity, please note what makes a valid set or a sequence in 13 card online rummy game.

Pure Sequence: A group of 3 or more cards of the same suit in a consecutive manner. For example: 3,4,5 of hearts or 9,10,J,Q of spades

Sequence: A group of 3 or more cards of any suit in a serial manner 

Set: A group of 3 or more cards of the same rank but of different suit, 7C,7D,7H.

13 Card Rummy Rules: Points System

Like all games, the result of 13 card online game of rummy is determined on the number of points collected by each player. For starters, each card carries numbers equivalent to the rank of the card. 

  • Numbered cards 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • Suited cards such as A,K,Q,J contains 10 points each
  • The key to winning in 13 card rummy game is to score zero points by declaring your cards first among all.
  • The losing players receives points according to the number of cards he or she is left with at the end of the game.
  • A player can receive a maximum of 80 points in a game.

Drop Points in Rummy- An Important 13 Card Rummy rule

An interesting feature or 13 card rummy rules is the option of “Drop” during the game and its following consequences. The points system varies according to the player count in the table. Let’s see how it works.

  • 2 Player rummy game- In a heads up game between two players, dropping out of the game is not allowed. However, if a player miss 3 consecutive terms, he is automatically eliminated from the current game incurring a penalty of 80 points!
  • Game with more than 2 players- Any player who drops out of the game without picking any cards will be scored 20 points. If he/she drops any time following that, 40 points will be awarded for the drop out. Players may note that dropping out of games three times in a row will cost 40 points. 
  • Online rummy portals mainly feature 2 variants- Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.
  • While the drop system remains as mentioned in the 1st two variants, it changes in Pool Rummy. The First drop in Pool Rummy costs 25 points, the Middle Drop costs 50 points and the Full Drop costs 80 points.

How to Win in 13 Card Rummy Game Online

Winning in 13 card rummy game relies on implementing few practices and techniques in your game diligently. Here are few effective tips that can help new players slide towards the winning end. 

  • Observing each and every move of your opponent is key to winning in online rummy. Whether you are in to learn or win free money, missing out on even a single move can cost you dearly.
  • Jokers are another weapon to win a quick game of online rummy. They are trump cards that help you fill the gaps in your combinations and catalyze your progress towards winning. 
  • Play at random times of the day to analyze the type of players who play during specific hours. Pick your game accordingly and score more wins in your tally.
  • New players of 13 card rummy game can start with practice games to get their groove on. Once you have enjoyed enough free wins, you can make the switch to cash games and tournaments. 
  • Choose an online rummy portal that offers player centric tournaments with leaderboard rewards and good promotions to ease your run. 

A relatively recent online portal launched in April 2019 called RummyBaazi (RB) has been in news due to its excellent tie up of tournaments and rewards. The portal also offers highly innovative promotions to boost a player’s game every step of the way. Currently, RB is running a special edition of their blockbuster promotion called Happy Hours during which players can play unlimited cash games to win up to 3x Reward Points and claim amazing prizes from its collection of Baazi Rewards (Loyalty Rewards Program of RummyBaazi). 

You may visit the officially website to stay in tune with their latest promotions. Regular players may also try their cash games for as low as INR 1 and enjoy some excellent tournaments on the RB app that’s available for download on both Android and iOS platform. 

Final Thoughts

Playing online 13 card rummy games have never been this exciting. With so many innovations and highly rewarding tournaments featuring monster prize pools, online rummy is totally worth playing for. The competition in online rummy has elevated to a whole new level and people are taking this game more seriously than ever. We suggest you test your skills too against a nationwide community of players and make those Sundays count right away. 

All the best!

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