7 Download-Boosting Ways to Promote Your App

In 2016, it is hard to imagine any line of work that is more prolific than app development. Still, just being an app developer, or even a good app developer is not something that will necessarily pay off. Sure, it will provide you with a perfect product, which is great, but what good is even the most ideal app if no one is aware of its existence. This is where network marketing steps up and helps spread the word. Still, there is always something more you can do to help and with this in mind, here are 8 download-boosting ways to promote your application.

Do Your Marketing Research
When planning an app development, it is not only about what are you selling but who you are selling it to that counts. However, this is not a question which is easy to give an answer to. First you need to try and visualize your average customer. How old are they, what do they do, how can your app benefit them are all just some of the answers you need to ask yourself. Of course a brief survey is always of assistance and can help you better understand the needs of your customers.

Store Page is Your Face

Truth be told, your store page is more important than some people care to admit. Therefore, it would be safe to claim that a store page is the face of your application. It is the first thing that they will see when they start looking for your app and you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. However, you also need to make it easy to find, which is why you must be extra careful with your choice of keywords, logo and of course description.

Outreach, Outreach and More Outreach

Most people, before they decide to buy an application, usually find a review site, study it and then make a decision based on it. However, it is highly unlikely that your application will find its way on one of these sites on its own. This is why you must reach out to them and ask them to include your app on one of their lists. Sure, it is in their best interest to have a quality app on their list, since this is what makes it more credible, sometimes however you will have to get this by following a favor for favor principle. Be as it may, this kind of favor exchange always pays off.

Start a Social Network Avalanche

Specialized websites may be most trusted but are definitely not the only ones who can help you out with this. You should also look for help on social network and ask your followers to spread the word. In fact, you can make this into a competition and in this way, increase its efficiency many times over. For example, to a person with most retweets, shares or even most likes (quality almost always trumps quantity) can get a gift card as a reward. You would be surprised just how far can an encouragement like this help. In this way everyone wins, especially you and your app.

  • Give an Interview

One thing is certain, today personal brand is almost as important as company brand itself. Because of this, you need to make yourself a poster-boy of a company. The easiest way to do this is to give an interview to a developers site. What readership audience loves above anything else is an awe inspiring origin story, so a brief tale about your humble beginnings and your way to the top (even if you are not there yet) are probably your safest way to go. These blogs are always looking for an enticing story which means that getting you under a spotlight might not be that hard.

Special Offer as a Deal Breaker

Since the dawn of marketing, and probably even trade as whole, special offers were always used as deal breakers. You would be surprised just how well people react to phrases like “limited time only”, “free of charge” and even cheesy “but wait, there is more”. It is in human nature to want to feel special and taking advantage of a special offer is probably the fastest way for them to get there. This can once more be turned into a social media awareness game, and you can promise different rewards to most successful tweeters or Facebook influencers.

Building a Community

Another thing you want to do is nurture loyalty of your regular clients and the easiest way to do so is to include them into one big happy family that your business represents. Of course, this doesn’t mean inviting them all on your Christmas dinner, but you could make a social media group, an event or even a convention where you will gather them all. This will create a bond between them and your brand and something like this can truly be game changing.

Even though some of them may seem a bit more complex than others, all of these steps are quite simple even for a layman to conduct. This however, doesn’t mean that promoting your application is not a lot of work. Still, seeing how the success of your application directly depends on your ability to persuade people to download it, it seems as if you don’t have much of a choice. Luckily, these 7 steps may immensely help you reach all of your goals.

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