7 Reasons Why All Black Will Never Go Out of Style

Fashion has made a huge impact on lifestyle development. The past millennial years, including the present time, truly represent as the fashion era. As you notice, more and more clothing lines, fashion influencers, and fashion enthusiasts have been booming for some time now. This is not going to end as fashion industry will continue growing and evolving in the next fifty years and counting.

As it progress, several trendy styles have been discovered and redefined by fashion experts. Some statements will come and go. But among these urban clothing styles, the all-black pattern is continuously gaining interests from commoners or enthusiasts. Here’s why:

Because it makes you look slimmer.

There is a theory about fashion statement that common people cannot explain any further. Best example, the incredible aftermath of wearing the all-black formula. Most fashion experts says that this combination will make you look slimmer instantly. According to Russell Smith, a style expert and a novelist, wearing very dark clothes can conceal the ridges and folds in your body which makes its outline less visible in dim lights.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with covering up your real size and shape. Sometimes, it’s just a creative idea of making improvements on yourself so you can have that hundred percent confidence without causing you too much effort and pain.

Because it compliments any occasion. 

The best thing about all black is the truth that it’s both classy and casual. You can pull it off on casual days’ streetwear or get glamorous on fancy occasions. There’s just something about this shade that doesn’t go out of style. Maybe it’s because most people (including me) find themselves fitting with black more than any other hues.

Because you can wear it twice or more without anybody noticing.

Next best thing  that people love about plain black is the strategic style of repeating whether top or bottom without getting noticed by anyone. Who can tell if you are wearing the same thing you wore yesterday or the other day? Well, in case there is one, you can defend yourself by inviting everyone to check out your closet to see your all black taste in wardrobes. That’s the spirit of black.


Because it makes you look effortlessly cool.

Black is undeniably cool. Most people wear black to make a statement of what you wear is who you are. At some points of our lives, of course, we want to look cool for no reason. Well, I guess that’s a nature for some. They just want to achieve that thug-like aura, even if they’re not literally tough. Sometimes, we choose to wear clothes that we think can actually bring out the chic in us. And that’s when black has deeper purpose on lifestyle. To put simply, it lets you wear your mood and express yourself and that’s okay.

Because matching won’t be a problem.

Admit it or not, most people spend hours looking for the perfect match from a figuratively  pool of clothes. It’s frustrating somehow, especially when you need to dress up for important meetings or occasions. Well, matching won’t be a problem with black. There is a theory that anything can perfectly go along with this hue, given it’s a powerful and authoritative color. So, maybe that explains the stunning results when all pale or vibrant colors meet black.

Because no other color competes with it.

I have to say it again, black is authority. And that no other color can jump over its level. It always serves as the baseline of all pair-ups. When you try to match it up with different hues, you will notice that black attracts your attention before anything else.




Because it lets you stand out.

Speaking of how black can stand out from all the other schemes, another thing that fashion experts love about black is its ability of making a person stand out among the rest of the crowd. Well, to stand out in a good way is absolutely a dream of many, especially those in fancy gatherings. As ladies and gents, they dress up to get noticed by everyone, to receive admirations, and of course to steal the spotlight of the show. And thus, in contrary to its dark definition, black can be a source of classy lights, too. 

By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a full-time blogger focusing on lifestyle development. She also contributes articles to support the content marketing campaign for Northern Menswear, one of the leading online stores for streetwear in Australia. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there.

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