Arts in India – Is it a wise career choice

Consisting of various art forms like Pottery, Sculpting, Painting, Performing Arts & Textile Arts like Woven Silk, Indian Art Forms have spread its way around a major part of Asia & Indian Sub-continent (parts of which are now known as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Eastern Afghanistan), right from its rooting period.

Tracing back to as early as the 3rd millennium B.C., Indian Art have had many improvisations, evolving from what it was from its point of origination; religions, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism & Islam, and other cultures that mixed up with our own over time through invasions & liaisons – e.g. Persia, Turkey, Mongolia, and others, brought about some notable influences. One of such intricate bonds between the Indian culture and other sub-cultures can be seen in the works by Nicholas Roerich, the famous Indo-Russian artiste.

With such a high statistic that has been revered by cultures all around the world through centuries in the making, it brings us to question the practical applicability of Indian Art within the modern culture and structure – is it a wise choice to take it up as the career stream for a lifetime? India had always been big on careers that revolved around streams such as Engineering, Medical professions, and other so-called “money-making” jobs, but that doesn’t mean that one has a lower chance of making it big with arts, especially if it’s a subject favored most by the candidate. Today we are going to talk about some of the highest earning artistic career opportunities in India.

Careers on Designing:

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker

Do you find yourself doodling or drawing on empty spaces every now-and-then? Does your mind keep on brewing certain designs and ideas of applying them to various commodities for everyday use – such as mugs, t-shirts, clocks among other things? Do you have an applaudable interpersonal & communicative skill when it comes to people? Then this career is certainly meant just for you.

Graphic/Illustration/Printmaking designers are the people who put certain aspects of designing like images, typography, drawing, printing, and other graphical attributes to make a design on stationeries, cutleries, book-covers, textiles, stone, and wood blocks and many other mediums, to name a few. A hefty amount of computer skill is required, and if you have good knowledge of software like CSS, Adobe InDesign etc., then there’s no stopping you! You can easily opt for making your own art-pieces and commercialize them – or show them off at a famous gallery and/or art exhibition. The average earning of a Commercial Designer roams around INR 25,000 to INR 70,000, based on your experience. To know about the best suited artistic career for your mental build, appear for a career aptitude test in India – they are the geniuses behind most of the successful placements and internships that keep on happening all around in university and school campuses.

•    Careers on Administration:

Art Professor, Art Administrator

Commendable organization and leadership skills, an influential attitude, a vast amount of knowledge on all or some of the available art forms and their applicability, an innate ability to read into people’s moves and thoughts and words – sounds familiar to you don’t it? Well, these are the main attributes required for an Arts Professor and Administrator. A job that can be seen to be respected by every culture and religion around the world, the main focus of a professor is to gain and spread knowledge on arts and teach applicability of various mediums and tools to their students, whereas and Arts Administrator has to organize, maintain and arrange high-end artistic events, inaugurations and shows; an Arts Professor is required to maintain a socio-cultural bond with his/her students, whereas an Administrator is required to maintain discipline and manage all the people working indirectly/directly for him. Proper and solid knowledge in the chosen field of art, time management and the ability to work under pressure and in any given environment is a must. The average earning roams between INR 30,000 to INR 70,000 per month, based on credibility and experience.

•    Careers on Performing Arts:

Fine Artistes

One of the better known artistic career to earn fame, money, and job-satisfaction all in a single shot, Fine Artistes are basically artists who Perform Arts in all shapes and sizes as it comes – dancing, painting, singing, acting, poetry/novel writing – do I have to tell you how famous and a whole lot of awesome they all are? There’s a certain singer/actor/writer we had been idolizing right from our childhood – and we have never thought of stopping there. Remember those times you rehearsed in front of the mirror? Or that school play where you won the best acting prodigy award? Yeah, it is very much possible for you to actually take that up as your profession. Apart from innate talents, you ju7st have to have an unending, unfaltering amount of passion to never stop at any cost – the rest, my dear, is just history in the making 😉. The average salary range starts from INR 30,000 during the starting period, the future earnings are basically unlimited. The better you become, the more you get paid!

•    Careers on Applied Arts:

Animator, Photographer, Interior Designer

Do you love the technical attributes behind every optical delicacy? Do you want to know what goes on behind every beautiful movie & photoshoots, or the strategy behind every scintillating home decors you’ve come across? Well, then this column is just for you.

Starting from those huge Gorillas and Dinosaurs you get to see in the movies, to all your favorite childhood cartoon characters – Animators had been the mastermind behind 50% of the success rate for films and TV shows. Modern world entertainment ideas are impossible to give a solid base without a certain amount of VFX or CGI effects, and animation is all about utilizing the various type of digital and handmade drawings, making them move with the help of certain studio-grade software like Autodesk Maya and other usual motion software. Whereas, a photographer is the mastermind behind all those scenic beauties you get a chance to see – starting from beautiful sunsets, to wild animals, to a photo of the leaning tower of Pisa that makes you feel like you’re standing right next to it – they work as magicians to capture an interesting scene from their point of view and present it for the whole world to see. A photographer might need to wait for days in a row to capture a perfect shot – so don’t think that their work comes as easy. You sure have your favorite spot to hang out at – it might be a café, or a restaurant, or just your favorite weekend pub – and apart from the foods and drinks that are on offer, you should’ve chosen that place because of the vibe it gives off – a feel good, comforting, relaxing ambiance, all decorated with bean bags and cozy sofas and statues and showpieces and all that shebang – have you ever thought of the probability that those might’ve been actually placed strategically all around to give off that vibe, that atmosphere that you like so much? Well, an Interior designer’s work is to make sure that their clients’ home/office gives off the ambiance they are demanded with. There are various kinds of room decors, and certain amenities like furniture, wall hangings, rugs etc. they all play their own part in building it up – an Interior Designer calculates, scrutinizes and utilizes the budget and the space they are provided to work with, giving a sea-side, professional, or just a boho, hippie feeling to the room/space/building they’re working on. The salary in these professions ranges between INR 30,000 to INR 1.5 Lakh, per month.

Feeling a bit keen about the availability of institutions for the aforementioned Artistic streams?

Read more about all the required skills and techniques in our blog Career in Arts, and if it feels a bit hard to decide on which stream to work on – let the career analysts at the Indian Career Aptitude forum help you out with all the pieces of training and other “technical” stuff, eh?

Come, let’s paint this world in a rainbow shade. 😉

Author Name – Shanaya Kataria

Author bio – Shanaya Kataria is one of those enthusiastic bloggers in India who are up for making a new India. She is a dedicated, smart and modern-era-girl who writes number of blogs and articles on career counselling.

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