Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Content marketing used to be a secret weapon utilized by the best marketers. currently it’s the default setting utilized by near to everybody. The history of B2B marketing isn’t an illustrious one. Most firms have relied on merely pushing out information (in rather boring formats), attending trade or advertising shows to attract new clients. For anyone seeking to require advantage of the outstanding reach that online marketing currently offers, this approach merely won’t cut it.

Effective B2B content marketing isn’t a matter of writing a 200-word web blog post a number of times per week or posting the intermittent PR piece. If that’s all content marketing is to you, you’re happier investment that point into some another marketing channel. in contrast to most marketing content, building an audience isn’t concerning selling your product or services. It’s concerning giving people one thing that they value. no matter the specifics, best B2B content marketing provides people something that they value. And, in return, that value convinces them that you are a business they require to, well, do business with. Here Contentualize is appearing some content marketing trends using this infographic that you cannot  ignore in 2019.

Email marketing

Email is quickly changing into the preferred channel for B2B marketers. Not solely will it allow for a direct, conversational variety of communication along with your customers, however it additionally delivers a better return on investment than the other channel.

One of the best benefit that email has over social media is that emails have a far longer time period. Whereas posts on Facebook or Twitter will live and die within hours, your subscribers will interact with emails days after they are sent.

Today, machine learning-based software permits for deeper information insights, paving the way for a lot of targeted content. With the increase of artificial intelligence, B2B firms will implement more personalization and segmentation in email than was potential even a number of years ago.

Audio/Visual content

Audio, together with podcasts and audio books, remains a marketing chance which might become a part of your target audience’s regular content consumption. in contrast to text and video content, podcasting and different audio can be consumed throughout non-media hours like work, commuting and gym. Apparently, audio is second to video content.

From a marketing perspective, podcast and audio content are essential to stay competitive. Specifically, content and technical companies still expand their footprint within the audio space.

The best method in online marketing is to use visual way infographics, photos, videos and audio.

Paid distribution channels

There are several content promotion tools out there. However, a rapid method to distribute your content is through paid promotional campaigns. Organic reach on social platforms is usually  dead. whereas your brand should still be able to organically reach your crowd if they interact along with your content frequently and have elite to receive your content updates, it’s necessary to note that organic reach on platforms like Facebook is usually an issue of the past. 

In additional to sharing content on your social media platforms, using paid social promotions is effective for B2B firms. The main good thing about paying to promote content on platforms particularly LinkedIn and Facebook is the targeting capabilities.

Social Media

Creating a wealthy social media marketing strategy that doesn’t take a great deal of your time includes learning the way to produce messages that get results. That may be trickier than it sounds. There are details to consider not simply what to mention, however the way to format them and when to mention them.

Marketing, even for B2B technology firms, is all concerning individuals. It’s over having the ability to call on someone for a favour, though.

For B2B corporations, we discover that our clients’ ideal prospects are usually active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ (yes, people are still on Google+) are also sensible places to attach with a B2B audience. We tend to haven’t seen much of a case for B2B corporations on platforms like Snapchat. however, if you have got a powerful following on the platform, undoubtedly share your content there. Cultivating social resources suggests that building your credibleness as a reliable source of excellent information and developing trust in your industry’s online community. It’s concerning being useful, professional and, in a strange sense, digitally attractive.

Influencer marketing

Working with B2B influencers is changing into a popular method for brands to share their content in a method that’s authentic, whereas subtly serving to audiences move further along the funnel. consider it as if a friend makes an introduction to somebody you wish to meet at a party, it’s much more effective than if you were to approach a complete stranger on your own.

In the B2C space, influencer marketing is simple to identify. It can be a famous YouTuber posting makeup tutorials using a brand’s products or services, for example, or a much-followed Instagrammer sharing photos from a free occupy at a swanky resort. With B2B, it can look a small amount completely different. Influencers marketing content delivers many times higher ROI than traditional sorts of digital marketing.

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