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Interior Decoration Tips Using Your Common Sofa Sets

After buying furniture like bed, sofa sets and other small pieces of furniture, it is a challenging task for you to arrange it in your home. Its reason is that you will have to arrange all the pieces of furniture in proper places. For this reason, you will have to identify the wall to arrange the biggest piece of furniture i.e bed. After placing the bed, you will have to identify the best place to arrange sofa sets. At last, you will have to arrange the smallest pieces of furniture in the house. Here, we will discuss some essential interior decoration tips using your common sofa sets.

Placing Sofa Sets Along With The Biggest Piece Of Furniture:

Our main intention is on arranging the common sofa sets in your home but before arranging it in the home, we have to arrange some other pieces of furniture. For this reason, we should start with the biggest piece of furniture. Some essential tips to arrange the biggest piece of furniture in your home are given below;

Choose The Most Practical Wall:

In modern houses, there are small bedrooms. Therefore, there is only one wall of the bedroom which is suitable for the placement of the bed. You should locate the best wall in your bedroom and try to adjust it for this purpose. The wall across from the door of your bedroom is the best wall for this purpose. Its reason is that by making this placement, you can easily get access to the door. Moreover, you can also adjust the sofa set in front of the bed just along with another wall.

Centre Your Headboard:

If you want to walk around the bed, you should place the bed in the centre of the symmetry wall. By making this kind of arrangement, you can easily leave the place at the right as well as at the left side of the bed. This kind of placement is also suitable for two different people who wake up at different times. Moreover, you can also adjust sofa sets at any side of the bed.

Align The Bed Towards One Side:

For example, if you want to adjust another big piece of furniture at one side of the bed, you should align the bed towards one side of the bed. After aligning the bed at one side of the bed, you can free some extra space and on this extra space, you can easily adjust one big piece of furniture. You can also adjust sofa sets at that place.

Push The Bed Into A Corner:

It is also another interesting idea to adjust your sofa set in your bedroom. For this reason, you should push the bed into a corner of the wall. After pushing the bed into a corner of the wall, you can free up space at another corner of the wall. As a result, you will find enough space to adjust the sofa set in this corner of the wall. Between sofa sets and bed, there will remain some space for walking.

Prioritizing the Arrangement of Sofa Sets:

You can also arrange sofa sets based on the arrangement of other small pieces of the furniture. Some essential ideas by experts of a dissertation help company to arrange the sofa sets in your room are given below;

In Front Of the TV:

As we know that TV has become the basic need of all the houses because it is helpful for us to connect with the world and it is also entertaining us. To watch TV, we have to sit in a comfortable place. The sofa sets provide us with the best comfortable places to watch TV. Therefore, you can also arrange sofa sets in front of the TV in your home.

In Front Of the Coffee Table:

While living in the room, you will have to drink coffee and tea. To keep the coffee pots, you use a coffee table. You can also arrange the sofa sets in front of the coffee table. By arranging the sofa sets in front of the coffee table, you can make it the best place to serve the coffee and tea to the guests too.

Place Sofa Sets In Your Room To Maintain Comfort:

For this reason, you can allocate a specific room of your house. In this room, you should place a sofa set, a coffee table and a lamp. While arranging these pieces of furniture in the room, you should make sure that everyone can enter into room comfortably. You should also try to free up space from the sides of the sofas sets. Its reason is that if you have to do a meeting with lots of people, you can easily drag out chairs at that place. If you don’t leave that space, some people may have to face some sitting problems.

Place at Different Angles in the House:

If you have more than two sofa sets, you should try to place these sofa sets at different angles in the house. Its reason is that angled furniture will be helpful for the viewers to draw eyes at the different points of the house. Moreover, it will also provide a different look to your house. For example, if you have placed sofa sets in front of the bed in one room, you should try to place these sofa sets at a different angle in the other room.

While placing furniture in your home, you should keep in mind some specific techniques. First of all, you should consider the function of the furniture. It means that you should not place sofa sets instead of the bed in your room. Secondly, you should measure different pieces of the furniture and try to adjust these pieces of furniture based on its measurement. Thirdly, you should think about the layout of the furniture. Fourthly, while adjusting the furniture, you should keep traffic moving. Fifthly, you should adjust furniture to maintain comfort in the house. Sixthly, you should keep in mind the float of the furniture. It means that you should adjust furniture from four to five inches away from the wall. At last, you should also try to keep furniture away from the blocking windows and doors in your home. 

Search Engine Optimization SEO for Beginners

SEO for beginners: Step by Step

Thanks for coming to my blog for learning SEO. If you have any queries regarding SEO please feel free contact me.

Learning SEO is not big thing we have make sure that you must knowledge about marketing, English , technical learning skills for the growth of your professional skills

Are you new to SEO or blogging than you are at right place to learn about SEO?

I will show you everything thing, Step by step –> Don’t worry about it

Let me explain you about what is SEO and in depth analysis about SEO.

How to work on you blog or website using SEO. Many people don’t know about SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stand for search engine optimization. Generating organic traffic or free traffic or unpaid or natural through SERP in Search Engines.

If you increase your position of your website in search engines than more people will see your site and increase business.

Only SEO will help you to increase your business organically or free. But it will take some time. For that you need to focus or work on SEO with terms and conditions.

SEO varies upon search engines terms and conditions. They are many Search Engines In The World as follows

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • WolframAlpha
  • Internet Archive

In SEO, They are two different types:

  • On Page optimization
  • Off Page optimization

On Page Optimization Factors:

  • Fav-icon
  • Meta tags- Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Keyword Duplicate
  • Keyword Spamming
  • Header tags
  • Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • Content optimization
  • URL types(Canonical tag) : Static URL and dynamic URL
  • Errors
  • Image optimization
  • Alt tags text
  • Anchor text
  • Video optimization
  • Content alignment
  • Content marketing
  • Menu bar
  • Web design and development
  • Loading speed
  • SEO audit
  • Duplicate content
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links
  • Sitemap
  • Domain trust
  • Server location
  • Mobile optimized site
  • How to link website with Google analytics
  • How to link website with Google webmaster
Types of Keywords in SEO
  • Short-tail keyword
  • Long-tail keyword
  • Short-term fresh keyword
  • Long-term evergreen keyword
  • Product defining keyword
  • Customer defining keyword
  • Geo-targeting keyword
  • LSI keyword (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Intent targeting keywords
  • What are backlinks
  • Types of backlinks
  • Do-follow links
  • No follow links
  • Link insertion

Off Page Optimization Factors:

  • Article submissions
  • Blog posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Blogging
  • Business listings
  • Classified ads submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Forum submissions
  • Guest blogging submissions
  • Image sharing sites
  • Info-graphic sharing
  • Local business listings
  • Web 2.0 submissions
  • Press release submissions
  • Ppt sharing sites
  • Pdf sharing sites
  • Document sharing sites
  • Social bookmarking submissions
  • Video sharing sites
  • Paid backlinks
  • Free backlinks
  • Exchange backlinks
  • White hat vs. black hat vs. grey hat SEO
  • Why backlinks
  • Why off page optimization
  • Google updates
  • Google my business
  • How to link your website with Google My Business
  • How to link your Facebook pages with Google my business
  • How to link your Twitter account with Google my business
  • How to link your Pinterest with Google my business
  • How to link your social media accounts with Google my business
  • How to link your Instagram account with Google my business

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13 Card Rummy Game: Play to Win BIG this March

A game that is itched in the hearts of our lives, Indian rummy has been a household name that is played religiously in major occasions like Diwali, Holi, birthday parties or even weekend get togethers across India. Over the past few years, the game has perforated into the internet of things and since then, Indian rummy has enjoyed a new avatar that comes adorned with new features and rules for the game. Today, it is popularly called 13 card rummy game that’s played between 2-6 players with a deck of 52 cards. 

So, those new to the online adaption of 13 card rummy game, we shall offer a brief guide on its exciting features and share few tips on how to collect winnings this month in online rummy. Let’s begin.

How to Play 13 Card Rummy Game

The 13 card rummy game, aka Indian rummy is a skill based card game that’s played between 2 or more players where 13 cards each are dealt in a clockwise manner to the players. While there exists many variations in this century old game, we shall discuss the most widely featured 13 card variant in online rummy portals of the day. 

How to Get Started

  • 13 card rummy game is played between 2-6 players and each player is dealt 13 cards in a clockwise form 
  • Each player must form valid combinations of sets and sequences with the allotted cards
  • Players may pick cards from the open deck to form combinations and replace them with one of their unwanted cards
  • Each combination must include a pure sequence for a valid declaration
  • The deck also includes bonus cards and printed joker cards that can be used to substitute a missing card
  • The player who declares his or her cards with valid combinations with a pure sequence wins the game with zero points

To add more clarity, please note what makes a valid set or a sequence in 13 card online rummy game.

Pure Sequence: A group of 3 or more cards of the same suit in a consecutive manner. For example: 3,4,5 of hearts or 9,10,J,Q of spades

Sequence: A group of 3 or more cards of any suit in a serial manner 

Set: A group of 3 or more cards of the same rank but of different suit, 7C,7D,7H.

13 Card Rummy Rules: Points System

Like all games, the result of 13 card online game of rummy is determined on the number of points collected by each player. For starters, each card carries numbers equivalent to the rank of the card. 

  • Numbered cards 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • Suited cards such as A,K,Q,J contains 10 points each
  • The key to winning in 13 card rummy game is to score zero points by declaring your cards first among all.
  • The losing players receives points according to the number of cards he or she is left with at the end of the game.
  • A player can receive a maximum of 80 points in a game.

Drop Points in Rummy- An Important 13 Card Rummy rule

An interesting feature or 13 card rummy rules is the option of “Drop” during the game and its following consequences. The points system varies according to the player count in the table. Let’s see how it works.

  • 2 Player rummy game- In a heads up game between two players, dropping out of the game is not allowed. However, if a player miss 3 consecutive terms, he is automatically eliminated from the current game incurring a penalty of 80 points!
  • Game with more than 2 players- Any player who drops out of the game without picking any cards will be scored 20 points. If he/she drops any time following that, 40 points will be awarded for the drop out. Players may note that dropping out of games three times in a row will cost 40 points. 
  • Online rummy portals mainly feature 2 variants- Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.
  • While the drop system remains as mentioned in the 1st two variants, it changes in Pool Rummy. The First drop in Pool Rummy costs 25 points, the Middle Drop costs 50 points and the Full Drop costs 80 points.

How to Win in 13 Card Rummy Game Online

Winning in 13 card rummy game relies on implementing few practices and techniques in your game diligently. Here are few effective tips that can help new players slide towards the winning end. 

  • Observing each and every move of your opponent is key to winning in online rummy. Whether you are in to learn or win free money, missing out on even a single move can cost you dearly.
  • Jokers are another weapon to win a quick game of online rummy. They are trump cards that help you fill the gaps in your combinations and catalyze your progress towards winning. 
  • Play at random times of the day to analyze the type of players who play during specific hours. Pick your game accordingly and score more wins in your tally.
  • New players of 13 card rummy game can start with practice games to get their groove on. Once you have enjoyed enough free wins, you can make the switch to cash games and tournaments. 
  • Choose an online rummy portal that offers player centric tournaments with leaderboard rewards and good promotions to ease your run. 

A relatively recent online portal launched in April 2019 called RummyBaazi (RB) has been in news due to its excellent tie up of tournaments and rewards. The portal also offers highly innovative promotions to boost a player’s game every step of the way. Currently, RB is running a special edition of their blockbuster promotion called Happy Hours during which players can play unlimited cash games to win up to 3x Reward Points and claim amazing prizes from its collection of Baazi Rewards (Loyalty Rewards Program of RummyBaazi). 

You may visit the officially website to stay in tune with their latest promotions. Regular players may also try their cash games for as low as INR 1 and enjoy some excellent tournaments on the RB app that’s available for download on both Android and iOS platform. 

Final Thoughts

Playing online 13 card rummy games have never been this exciting. With so many innovations and highly rewarding tournaments featuring monster prize pools, online rummy is totally worth playing for. The competition in online rummy has elevated to a whole new level and people are taking this game more seriously than ever. We suggest you test your skills too against a nationwide community of players and make those Sundays count right away. 

All the best!

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How is Fantasy Cricket Your Cure to Coronavirus?

If you have not heard about coronavirus by now then you must be living under a rock. The world health organisation has declared it as a pandemic. After China, the second most affected country in the world is Italy. The government officials have declared a country wide shut down which means all the offices, public places, schools and institutions have been closed to contain the virus and to stop potential carriers. Social gatherings are prohibited and people who are trying to hold events are being fined heavily. Other countries in the world are expected to follow suit.

Doctors and scientists all around the world are looking for COVID-19’s cure and continuously researching for methods to prevent it since it is a new virus and is bacteria based. Also the spreading rate of the virus is relatively fast. Governments all around the world have also declared a ban on traveling which has affected the tourism and hospitality industry. Businesses around the world are being impacted and companies are asking their employees to work from home as a prevention and a safety measure.

All the major sports attractions like the NBA, NFL and significant Football Leagues have postponed all their fixtures until we have sufficient knowledge about COVID-19. Speaking of sports, the most devastating news that came earlier this week is that the Indian Premier League will also be postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak, the ongoing South Africa tour of India has been cancelled and almost all the cricket fixtures have been cancelled or postponed.

A lot of people were looking forward to going and witnessing the greatness of the matches played in Indian Premier League live and in front of their eyes but with the virus outbreak happening right now, watching any match live seems highly unlikely. But if your heart really longs for cricket then there is one way to enjoy your favourite sport and win real cash while you quarantine yourself in your home.

This phenomenon is called ‘Fantasy Cricket’. You must be wondering what fantasy cricket is. Let us help you, It’s really easy to understand you just have to select players from both the teams that are pitted against each other and voila! You are ready to roll. The cherry on the pie is that you can also win real cash through this. Now, if you are a cricket fan then you have been blessed with a great plan where you can just ease off your mind and concentrate on things that you really love.

You have the plan, now you need a way to execute it. Well, worry not we have got your back in this area too. Let us introduce you to India’s no.1 sports app ‘BalleBaazi’.

BalleBaazi allows you to join various leagues in which you can earn a lot of real cash for as low as 1 Rupee. If you are not too sure of all the fantasy sport jargon then you can join one of the practice leagues and get familiar with the format. But again, making your own teams in fantasy cricket is easy as having a cake. Select players that you think will perform in the upcoming match. Then you have to select the Captain and Vice-Captain and you are done. If your team scores then you will be awarded with great cash prizes.

Let’s recap, you have a plan, you have an application to execute it. Now all you need is the most valuable element of all, Knowledge. As you know most of the cricket events have been canceled but there are still some leagues going on that you can use to your advantage.

  • Pakistan Super League

Pakistan’s own super league has been a hit among cricket enthusiasts all around the world. The final match which was scheduled on 22nd of March will now be played on 18th of March because of the outbreak. Players participating will be flown to their respective countries after the series is over. So practically, you have one day to be a part of this league.

  • Momentum One Day Cup

Momentum cup is left with only 3 matches on schedule. The final will be held on 21st of March. The first semi-final will be held on 17th and the second semi-final will be held on 18th of March.

  • Dhaka Premier Division 

Admittedly, this is not one of the most popular leagues out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Dhaka Premier Division League is one of the most underrated leagues in the history of cricket. Right now, you have a great chance to try fantasy cricket and win big through this league. The matches will be played till the last week of this month which gives you plenty of time to understand the concept of fantasy cricket.

If you want to dabble in the world of fantasy sports then BalleBaazi is the best way to do it. You can win free tickets from the weekly contests. You can use BalleBaazi Codes and get up to 100% Bonus. BalleBaazi has been chosen the best fantasy sports app in India by the 3 million plus user base that they have and this user base is growing rapidly. So don’t wait, we have given you 5 great reasons to start playing fantasy sports. If you should do it, then do it with BalleBaazi.

Varun Chopra
Varun Chopra


Varun Chopra is an online skill games player and believes it brought in lot of magic and excitement into his life. He loves to contest and validate his expertise in cricket by diving into fantasy cricket during every major league or match. Varun firmly believes that online gaming bears real time money making opportunities when combined with skill and when time is on his side, he often switches between online cash games of poker, rummy and even PUBG to boost his monthly savings.

Interior Design

Interior Designers – Necessary Elements of Interior Design You Should Know

Interior Designers – Necessary Elements of Interior Design You Should Know

When contemplating interior design, words such as creativity and flair immediately spring to our mind, but most are surprised to get there’s a degree of science implicated. Professional interior designers will often stick to a set of informal “rules” based on specific home design principles and elements. These home design elements include forms, lineup, space, light, color, texture, and much more, and also keeping them balanced is the real secret to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior.

Receiving these elements to work together in harmony may also bring an elevated functionality besides enhancing the look of a place. To start, an interior designer can measure the room following such home design elements, then use these to disguise or increase the features and flaws of the space. The following ten elements should always be viewed from the production of any interior.

1. Space

Space is among the essential elements of interior design. Space works as a foundation on which the entire design plan is assembled. Hence the designer must be aware of its measurements, the space available, and its utilities. Space is divided into two categories, namely – Two-Dimensional Space, which covers a floor (includes width and length) and three-dimensional space, which creates the living space (includes length, width, and elevation). A space that’s actually filled with items can be a Positive Space along with also a vacant space is a Negative Space. A balance has to be maintained among the positive and negative spaces, and overcrowding or skimping to the items is going to influence this particular equilibrium.

2. Commit to Color

As its time choosing colors is the most challenging decision. Generally, professional decorators work with the “three-color” principle: just one neutral color and two accent colors (usually a particular single dark and the other light). Some folks start with wall mounted color (if with paint or background) and build that (the concept being that walls provide the “backdrop” for your own room). Other folks start with one bit of furniture (something large, such as a couch) and build on that (which makes it the most “centerpiece” of the room’s decorating strategy). Also, lighter colors will make a room seem larger and more relaxed, while darker colors also tend to feel warmer and to shrink a space.

3. Texture

The element of feeling is loosely understood to be “the texture, appearance, or consistency of a surface” It can refer to smooth or rough endings, glossy or dull surfaces, and thick textiles. You understand the importance of texture if you have the one who has decorated a room. Sets from furniture and fabrics to accessories bring textures to some space. Texture can be used to improve an area’s existing features or provide added dimension into space. In a little, darkened room, furnishings give the space a feeling of pure light, and using smooth, shiny finishes may impart a reflective quality. Oddly, at a large, glowing room, rough textures help balance an excess of natural light.

4. Line

Lines give birth to shapes and forms and also are accountable for establishing a feeling of stability, unity, and contrast at a livable space. They behave as guides of inner space and specify shapes. Lines are categorized into three different kinds — Dynamic, Vertical, and Flat. While lines adorned structures such as tables, beds, and chairs lines are seen on windows, doors, and almirahs, while horizontal lines include a safe and secure feel to space, vertical lines add a free and expansive nature. Angular or Dynamic lines are action-focused, add spectacle, and can be viewed on structures like stairs. An interior designer must understand how to work with these lines to specify the forms, still yet another home design element.

5. Light

Lighting is one of the crucial and essential elements of interior design. Light sets the ambiance and mood. Without lighting (natural or human made), other factors, especially color, texture, and pattern, have no significance. While the positioning of windows and doors should look after the lighting that was natural, artificial, or human made light is divided into three Important types:

  • Mood lighting or ambient lighting ultimately establishes the mood and illustrates the whole space.
  • Task lighting describes light resources such as beds, tables, and desk lamps, which have a devoted objective for a particular “task.”
  • Accent lighting is intended for emphasizing elements such as artwork.

Lighting plays an important part. Since it has many layers, it may be complicated. Besides, it is regrettably often overlooked.

6. Proper Positioning

The way to arrange furniture can sometimes be a challenging dilemma; it could be tough to envision precisely just how and where pieces will appear most useful and be their functional (again, think of traffic patterns throughout the area, if you would like to make a dialog place, etc.). Save yourself the frustration and an aching back from furniture rearrangement that is normal by doing what the experts do: Create a template of their room and the pieces that you want to match it. And soon you reach the perfect combination, try unique arrangements of bits.

7. Form

The expression form is often used interchangeably with the word shape in home design. It’s an in-depth relative to a line in that it could be employed to generate different feelings and effects when applied based on the fundamentals of interior design.

A very long dining room dining table put in a rectangular room can create a feeling of harmony. Insert a series of round pendant fixtures above the dining table, and you’ve achieved contrast and a sense of balance. Be advised, however, that using lots of distinct forms in one room could result in a confusing and disjointed design.

8. Window Embellishments

Window treatments merit careful consideration. Don’t just consider color-consider functional topics: How much solitude and light would you like the room? Is the view away from the window you would like to block or see outside? Valence window treatments can boost your home’s interior style. Using existing cloths and batting out of existing cornices transform aged valences. Consider attaching a mirror that is framed so it may be tilted slightly to show off stunning paint colors in the ceiling.


By keeping these vital design elements in mind and letting them direct your interior decor aims, you will be able to reach a harmonious and gratifying result.

Author Bio:

Amy loves to write about Home Improvement, Real Estate, Kitchen decor, Home Interior, Garden, or travel-related topics additionally. She is writing for the metal buildings and home improvement industry for more than ten years; Amy has become an experienced building specialist in the industry. Her goal is to help people with her vast knowledge to assist them with the best suggestions about structures such as carports, garages, barns, utility buildings, and commercial home.

Advantages of SEO for a Small Business Pros of SEO Outsourcing seo serp chrome extension SEO tips and tricks

On Page SEO Structure Guide for Getting High Rank on Google SERP

On Page SEO Structure Guide for Getting High Rank on Google SERP
On Page SEO Structure Guide for Getting High Rank on Google SERP

There are many regions of a website which are necessary to be optimized if it is planning to rank better on search engines, visiting search engines use hundreds of ranking tips to check a site whether it’s worth showing to searchers. Though a significant portion of that usually comes down to the way the website is well-structured for ease of use and availability for search crawlers.

I have always believed that on-site optimization is 80 percent concerning value because it’s a huge aspect that makes a site or its content usable to searchers (if they are finding your articles useful or highly relevant to what they have been looking for). I would say no if you asked me if this notion has changed over my two years practicing search engine optimization.

But irrespective of “significance,” a lot of facets are increasingly becoming more commonplace from the marketing procedures of a website, like optimizing it to get speed, sociability, usability, and conversions. Therefore, I would desire to talk about with you some methods which might assist you in fortifying your search ranking plan by optimizing the website arrangement to increase its usability in addition to conversions.

1. URL Should Match Site Structure

You should also ensure the URL structure fits with your hierarchy. For Instance, If You’re currently selling a pink summer dress onto your own garment’s website, your URL might look like that:

The URL is broken down into Category → Sub-Category → Product. This is easy for the crawlers to read and easy for your users to navigate.

2. Use HTML or CSS for Navigation

Avoid when designing your own navigation Ajax or JavaScript. The best approach to generate the life span of search crawlers simpler to use HTML tags that are plain along with CSS for formatting. Don’t use images to make your navigation links but utilize text. It usually means that if you’d like to link in the own homepage into a category page, do not merely add an image and link it into but have a text link as well.

3. Make use of Breadcrumb Menus

Breadcrumb menus are all crucial for search engine optimization. Google has lots of times noted they must own a list on your pages so that users may browse the website. When triggering menus on your website, make sure that the bread crumb menu displays your site structure accurately.

For example, when you activate a breadcrumb menu on a product page, it should have the following elements:

Homepage > Product Category > Subcategory > Product page

In other words, the menu should display all levels until you go back to the homepage.

4. Create a Low Depth Website

Yet another factor of one’s structure would always be to get a shallow website. It indicates is that every page on your website can obtain in a couple of clicks. For search engine optimization, you ought to be seeking to produce your website less or deep. It’s more straightforward for the site to straight, and the easier your crawlability, the more accessible Google will get your content and even rank it. The cause of a shallow website will be really for fantastic User experience. When a user is having trouble locating the information that they desire they proceed and could become frustrated. As we understand, good search engine optimization meant by a lower bounce rate.

5. Have a 3 Click-Maximum from the Homepage

The website is to make use of proper internal linking,” says Colin Mosier of JSL Marketing “One great tip to help Maximize the Search Engine Optimization structure of a Navigate around your website properly.” & Web Design. “Internal linking helps link your website and allows users to navigate.” 

“If you’re linking your site, plus it takes too many clicks from the homepage to get to your subpage, this can have a truly negative impact on the user experience along with search engine optimization.”

6. The Header Should Have the Main Navigation Pages

The header should list the main pages. You may accomplish whatever you desire by doing so and adding any other menu elements becomes unnecessary and distracting. Even though drop-down menus with CSS effects that disappear will give an exciting user experience, they do not affect SEO. Do not make use of structure-based images. The most reliable type of SEO continues to provide text links utilizing appropriate page sourcing.

Where a footer using menu links can use, duplicate the links of the most effective navigational menu at the footer. Adding additional category lists or changing the arrangement of links will simplify the user experience and serves absolutely no function.

7. Use Internal Linking

Even though creating a depth website is just a fantastic strategy, this is sometimes hard, especially for a large site with tens of thousands of pages. Sorting your pages to some small number of categories doesn’t sound right or could be impossible. It is where linking might provide help.

It creates a superior user experience for users. An internal link is an inner connection between 2 pages of Search Engine Optimization. The first is that they provide a useful way to navigate through your website, and they have a lot of advantages, which can be helpful to get rank, it lowers the number of clicks required to reach almost any page website.

8. The Visual Sitemap Generator Can Solve Your Problems

If you have finished reading this article and realized that your website design isn’t friendly for search engines and users, you can visualize it and detect the topics instantly. This visual website map will enable one to understand what hierarchy is composed of your website. As practice shows, improving your website structure leads to positions reducing bounce rate, rising, and rising traffic.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. It is an essential part, although this is an incredibly missed part of Technical SEO. It’s a foundation that the remainder of your search engine optimization strategies may build upon if it’s possible to get your site structure organized correctly.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2020

Bathroom Renovation Trends
Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2020

You heard it correct, 2020 trends are all here! Locate the inside scoop to most up to date styles, also get inspiration for the bathroom to redesign! From bathtubs and showers to countertops and vanities, we have you covered. Sorts of most kinds, the new stripes, prints, finishes, and patterns are here to the calendar year. This blog includes the most recent designs which will give you the type of inspiration you didn’t even know you needed. However, you are going to build a new home or plan for a renovation; then, the checklist is sure to spark some imagination.

Brass and Gold with A Vintage Comeback

Gold accessories are back and better than ever before! Shades of gold and brass are carrying over sinks, toilets, and anything and everything in your bathroom in 2020. Emphasize the memories of one’s Grandparent’s bathroom brass faucet; as this delightful fresh hot toned pipe, fittings will end up your clean go into, adding just the right amount of depth, measurement, and lavish feel to any space.

The change is loved by homeowners to accents with all a brass/gold toned bathroom fixtures versus the polished chrome that communicates a fresh, modern, and feel that is glossy. Offered in brand new finish options like in satin, matte, and spun gold, this change is what needed to add that timeless conventional element to almost any space, with the added incentive of keeping water and fingerprints stains hidden.

Nature Oriented Bathrooms

Nature is evaporating off from the world, and we’re searching for more things—trends inclined towards appearances. Whether or not you opt for one single black walnut wood or presentations, you’re getting to own a genuinely interior. 2020 is for nature fans that are searching for surroundings. A fast solution to seek out nature incorporated bathroom is currently sprouting a miniature, although a significant number of plants right in it. Colors like blue that are green, grey, white, and skies are going to invite.

Nude Colors with Extra Lighting

Naked colors are going to be in your finger’s tips in 2020 but with a tiny bit of glam upward look. That you might find lighting with Pop Top colors, naked although retro looks are considered a rocking combination. Color dab and sleek tiles with brassy and more incorporated lights would be to prevail in the second season. However, in the meantime, black and white shadows and stripes won’t ever go out of fashion.

Glassdoor Cabinets with Task Lights and Heating Pads

Glassdoor closets with project lighting and heating pads technology cables indoors all will probably become fashionable bathroom accessories. Besides that, cabinets will undoubtedly be freely positioned than vanities or sink that will allow you to find your toiletries and ease or wall-mounted.

Tile Patterns and Shapes

We have seen how the tech is allowing manufacturers to build several designs utilizing basic tiles. Still, they are moving beyond the colors and graphics to alter the tile shape into something more interesting.

We’re currently seeing a resurgence of the beloved tiles of years ago and a few new designs. Are we content with a large format tile onto the wall or just a subway tile? We have lots of tile shapes to pick from yet more. Thus, look for chevron patterns, or improved and new hexagon, arabesque, diamond fish scales in colors & textures. These eye-catching contours will not only elegance a floor either; they’ll even apply as bathroom backsplashes, on shower walls, and ceiling accents to produce the bold colors we so desire.

Grey Carpeting Looks on Walls

And wall carpets are a personalized ambiance for almost any visitor. Consider the Grey-ish and bathrooms all Terrazzo Walls. Carpeted Powderly covered walls will probably render without an uncertainty an influence.

You will feel no less than in paradise when you are ailing come to this bathroom. Apart from that, terrazzo ambiance is an upcoming trend for some forthcoming decades. Thus, avail them even now to develop into a trend starter or trendsetter.

Living Large

Large-format tile equals significant effect. LFTs, as they are known in the business, including 16 inches to 10 feet, indicating there are several grout lines to keep clean (hello, lower care). Produce a smooth look from floors, shower walls, or bathtub encircles – you might even think about a slab onto the wall in one gorgeous fell swoop.

Secret Storage

One storage solution can add the space which wakes you up and sends you off to sleep soundly and panache. Why don’t you mix some interesting with function? Sweeten renovators came up with tactics to squeeze every inch and tapped at their creativity. Storage spaces will probably be there as a crucial craft of the bathroom as you must place your toiletries, body, gels shower milk, and handy materials. Vanities and cabins will be present at your ceremony but with greater spruced-up and enchanting looks.

Retro Wooden Bathtubs and Vanities

Old is gold, and timber is material once we talk about home developments. Being perpetual and evergreen wood will undoubtedly be prevailing in the clouds of 2020. Bathtubs made from boards that are creative from outside will soon be introducing a cone hunter seem.

These present always and makes you feel amazing and natural, a lavish appearance and texture Cosmetic During a single. Vanities won’t ever walk out this trend in 2020. Interior bathroom designers Will use timbers and walnut visually to create bathrooms weathered and weathered.

Big Bathtubs and Open Showers

As the bathroom changes, the possibilities for more distance and expansion come into mind. The goal of getting space is the number one reason why homeowners decide to remodel. It consists of the bathroom too! You give yourself more room to enlarge in the shower or toilet.

Author Bio:Eli loves to write about Home Improvement, Real Estate, Kitchen decor, Garden, or travel-related topics additionally. She is writing for the metal building and home improvement industry for more than ten years; Eli has become an experienced building specialist in the industry. Her goal is to help people with her vast knowledge to assist them with the best suggestions about different metal buildings such as carports, garages, barns, utility buildings, and commercial home structures.


Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

It’s the era of online gaming in India and online rummy covers a wide space in the internet of games. The traditional flavours of the game have been revamped by online gaming portals for rummy players of this generation by introducing various cash rummy games with new features and exciting rummy game rules to work in the favour of players who are looking to reap great returns from their skills.

Let’s talk about these brand new features of online rummy and learn some new amazing tricks to be on the winning side of the game. 

Brand New Features of Online Rummy

Online rummy has revived the age old love for rummy by introducing fresh features and offerings to tweak the excitement of online rummy cash players. The card game consists of some standard features that are run and featured by leading online rummy portals of the day. Let’s check them out so that you may claim your stakes in this exciting rummy revolution. 

Although different variations of rummy have evolved over time, the most widely featured variant of the game in most online rummy portals is 13 Card Indian Rummy. 

Here’s the rummy game rules for this variant. 

13 Card Online Rummy Rules

  • This variant is commonly played between 2-6 players with a deck of 52 cards
  • All players are dealt 13 cards each in a clockwise manner
  • Players need to use these cards smartly to make valid combination of sets and sequences
  • Joker is used as a wild card to replace any missing card in a combination
  • The action begins with a player picking one card from the closed deck and discarding an unwanted one from his set of cards to replace the one he/she picks
  • The action continues in a clockwise manner and the player who manages to make valid combinations and declares his cards first among all becomes the winner
  • One of the essential rummy game rules is that all players must form one pure sequence to make a valid declaration

These are the basic rummy game rules in 13 card Indian rummy one needs to know to make an error free start in the game. 

However, like most games, 13 card online rummy is also based on a points system that’s derived from the cards themselves. Check it out.

Points System in Online Rummy

The objective in 13 card rummy is to score 0 points to become the winner. Any point scored by any player gets added to the tally as penalty points. In cash rummy games, they are replicated in terms of the amount you win or lose.

  • Interestingly, all cards in 13 card Indian Rummy carry value according to the number of the cards
  • This means cards from 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • Suited cards like Joker, Queen, King and Ace are the costliest and each carry 10 points
  • Bonus cards and printed jokers carry zero points
  • Players can gain a maximum penalty of 80 points per game in online rummy

How to Win in Online Rummy Every Time? 

Rummy cash games have become competitive more than ever as gaming portals have raised the ante by introducing a whole new tie up of tourneys and rewards. Some leading portals also feature Loyalty Rewards program to offer a premium gaming experience to its players. When so much is at stake, it almost pushes you to learn how to win at rummy every time you hit the felts.

  1. Online rummy games are featuring new and exciting variants such as Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy so that players can enjoy variation from time to time. Before diving into cash rummy games or registering for a big tournament, players must try these different variants and figure out which type works best for them.
  2. When you play rummy cash games, make it a rule of thumb to discard suited cards first unless you have a combination with them right from the start. Remember, these cards carry maximum points that will cost you real money and also become the deciding factor in game results!
  3. Play as many practice games of online rummy before diving into rummy cash games. Watch your opponents during the game, learn how to trick them and get the cards you need from them. Working out a full proof strategy on practice games before playing major cash games or tournaments will guarantee big wins in the long run. 

RummyBaazi: An Excellent Choice for Rummy Cash Game Players

Regular players who are looking to cash in BIG with their unbeatable skills in online cash games of rummy, RummyBaazi is a fitting portal to go for currently. It is hosting numerous online rummy cash games and mega tournaments with monster prize pools and exciting leaderboard rewards for top finishers for the month of March. The portal also features a Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards that includes a treasure chest of stunning prizes that include the likes of OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone, JBL Bluetooth speakers and real cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

Rummy lovers looking for exciting opportunities on how to win in rummy every time, the portal is running Happy Hours on the RB app to offer boosted opportunities to earn some of those coveted rewards this month. For more details on its current promotions, you may check the RummyBaazi official website here.

Wrapping UpBrand new game inventions, stellar nationwide competition, amazing promotions and ravishing rewards makes playing online cash games of rummy in this century totally worth it. Just stick to the rules you learnt today and you are absolutely good to go!

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Samsung Active Watch 2 has been around released for quite a while now

Samsung Active Watch 2 has been around released for quite a while now, and after all these months now is the perfect moment to say. That this watch is the epitome of perfection in the realm of smart watches. Samsung Active Watch 2, and the Apple Watch 5 was released in a similar time spam, yet the wearable capable of running the Android OS seemed to perform way better.

Apple Watch 5 may have some stunning features, but what truly captivates the audience is the ability to customize. The Samsung Active Watch 2 aspiring to make the lives of its wearers easier has been packed with a variety of different features to help every day task become easier.


Now, to talk about the best features of the active 2 as a fitness wearable. It comprises many workout apps, that help you reach your daily goals faster and with more accuracy. Though some of the apps may perform better than the others. But in overall efficiency this is probably the best fitness wearable in the market. You get a heart rate sensor, sports apps, cool Samsung watch features, and customizable widgets. With this particular device making this a fitness watch specifically designed to appeal your perspectives.


We talked about the differences between the specs of Samsung watch 2 and the apple watch 5 series, another great reason for you to choose this particular device. Is the remarkable difference in the prices now the Samsung active 2 costs around 299$ while the apple watch 5 is about 399$ and the variations in the watch just keep getting more expensive. So, you clearly know what the budget smartwatch should actually be worth. 


Another reason of why you should opt for alluring Smart watch is because of the stunning straps it has to offer, while apple only occupies the current black and while version of straps. The android watches will always seem to have a bit more creativity to them so, even if you don’t seem the current straps reasonable cost. You can always get ones customize for yourself at pretty low costs, making the watch look as fresh as possible. 

Amy Amelie

I love to analyze things and to write about them. Just love reading books, traveling and movies which is basically my ultimate inspiration for writing different kinds of blogs. I find all these things very interesting and always eager to share my views with other people. You can find my other blogs at


Learn Open Face Chinese Poker in 6 Minutes!!!

Open Face Chinese Poker
Open Face Chinese Poker

Poker is one such sport that even if some of you do not play the game, you know it’s out there and thriving. Its worldwide popularity is such that new poker variants are being played and introduced in various online poker rooms today. One such exciting poker variant that you must know how to play is Open Face Chinese poker.  

This game originally came into being in Finland during the mid-2000s although some believe it has roots in Chinese poker games, especially regular Chinese poker. No matter its origin, like all popular poker games, Open Face Chinese poker is fun to learn and play and there’s absolutely no going back once you know the game. 

So, how about you learn it right away?

Introduction to Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese poker is also known as Pineapple poker but it is different than the ruling variants such as Texas Hold’em. OFC is played typically between 2-3 players with a standard 52 card game deck. It is perhaps one of the most interestingly new poker variants that doesn’t require any chips to play! 

Open Face Chinese poker is a strictly points based game where all players receive 13 cards that they need to arrange in the form of three poker hands across three different rows- top, middle and bottom. Unlike regular poker variants, players are scored in points, a feature more similar to hearts or rummy. 

The poker hands (top, middle and bottom) of each player are compared to one another in a row wise manner and players are scored according to the strength of their hands. While the middle and bottom row contains 5 cards, the top row can have only 3 cards.

Note: The poker hand rankings are similar to that of Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker and players are scored accordingly.

OFC Poker Rules  

  • The top row has to be the weakest of the three hands
  • The middle row needs to be better than the top row
  • The bottom row has to be better than both the other hands

If your final hand does not follow these rules, you foul and your hand is declared as a dead hand. In Open Face Chinese poker, chances to draw a dead hand are likely as players are not allowed to see all their cards at once.

How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker

Now that you know the core concept of the game, it will be easier to understand the gameplay and the points system of OFC.

An OFC regular game between 2 players – A & B

Action 1:

Open Face Chinese poker is played with a dealer button like regular poker and action moves clockwise from the immediate left of the Dealer in case there is a 3rd player. The game begins as the dealer distributes the first 5 cards to both players, A & B.

Each player places their first 5 cards face up in each row to start forming their hands. If any player sets the cards, he or she cannot change their position after the turn. 

Action 2:

After both players have set their cards face up in the rows, they take respective turns to draw 3 more cards each and adding them in the rows to build the best possible hands. 

Note: In Open Face Chinese poker, after the first round, each player draws three cards at a time and use 2 of them to form their hands and discard the 3rd one face down. Also, since OFC poker allows you to draw more cards than regular poker, it is easier to form bigger hands which also leads to limiting the game to only 3 players.  

Action 3:

The action continues until all 13 cards have been dealt to both players A and B the hands have been completed. Once the rows of both players A & B are filled, players compare their hands against one another in a row wise manner and receive points accordingly.

How are players scored in OFC poker? 

The OFC poker rules determine the winner based on points. All final hands are scored on point basis in Open Face Chinese poker. Each row is worth one point. Here’s how you get scored.

  1. Scoop bonus- If player A beats player B in all three rows with better hands, he/she will get 6 points.
  2. If player A beats player B in two out of three rows, player A will get 1 point.
  3. If player A loses two out of three rows, player A will get minus 1 point.
  4. If player A loses all three rows, player A will get minus-6 points.

Royalty Bonus

Royalty points are bonus points you receive for making big hands in different rows when you play Open Face Chinese poker. Royalties offer big bonuses compared to regular points and are critical to winning in OFC. Each hand carries different points in different rows. 

For example, a Three of a kind carries- 0 points in bottom row, 2 points in middle row and 22 points in the top row!

Enter Fantasy Land!

This is quite an exciting feature in OFC poker rules. For instance, player A may enter Fantasy Land if he hits a pair of Qs or better in top row without committing foul. If that happens, he will receive all 13 cards in the next round and will be allowed to choose his best 13 card hand. On the contrary, opponent B will have to set his cards in the regular fashion without seeing player A’s cards.

You can continue to stay in Fantasy Land by hitting quads or better in bottom row or trips in top row. There is no limit to the no. of recurring fantasy lands you can get in Open Face Chinese poker.

In Pineapple OFC, all players receive 14 cards out of which 13 cards are used to form the best possible hands and the 14th card is discarded. 

Play Different Variants of OFC on PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi, a leading online gaming portal of poker has launched a whole new set of Open Face Chinese Poker games such as sit and go or cash games every day on the PokerBaazi app. 

To top to that, you can enjoy three different formats of the game, each with different OFC poker rules and features- Regular, Progressive and Ultimate. We mentioned PokerBaazi for new players so that you may enjoy a whole lot of variety and excitement in these exclusive formats and win lots of cash every day. 

You may also enjoy a quick 4 minute tutorial on Open Face Chinese Poker on the PokerBaazi website to brush up your basics before you go boom with OFC.

Final Remarks

Being one of the most loved games in the world, poker has been a source of joy and achievement for decades. The fact that you learnt a completely new game today, enjoy a brand new source of greatness with Open Face Chinese poker and go flaunt your knowledge among your poker pals!

Good Game!!!