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Telcob provides bulk SMS services, transactional SMSpromotional SMS, services across the world over with most modern and rising web technology. Telcob is a bulk SMS provider in India that has carried out a variety of revel in and evaluations in the fields of gifted and exceptional bulk SMS provider.

There are some reasons why customers choose our services: –

  1. Fast and Reliable: –Very quickly you can send your messages to the thousands of people and within no time, you will start getting the responses as well.
  2. Highly Targetted: –In bulk SMS service, you could ship targetted messages. additionally, in bulk SMS service, you may send customized messages to each group of humans.
  3. Low Cost & Higher RO: –Compared to every other channel, your messages attain in your huge goal base, so with bulk SMS service, you could yield a higher ROI.
  4. High Open Rate: – We individually trust that bulk SMS gives the fast and fine open fee as examine to any other direct advertising channel
  5. Higher Conversion Rate: – Bulk SMS service has higher conversion price as compared to another direct marketing channel.
  6. No SPAM Filters: – Telcob’s bulk SMS service there may be no such filters like Spam mail or something, so you can be certain that your messages reached your target base
  7. Email vs SMS: – Bulk SMS may be very effective, though as according to the records at the internet, we commonly get hold of a hundred and fifty text messages on common in a month and a maximum of them are from friends and household.
  8. Customer Appreciate: – Customer appreciates if their brand sends text messages, it may be informational messages or replace their services or maybe offer and promotions.
  9. Customer Retention: – SMS marketing additionally allows brands in keeping the clients, an organization can ship customized offers to the existing or ex-customers to preserve them.
  10. Growing Mobile Users: – You may attain extra people the use of bulk SMS offerings and may generate extra leads and greater sales. and we understand the number of mobile customers will maintain growing.

Telcob is offering fastest and customer Satisfaction SMS services in India. We are leading service provider and gives a quick response to our clients.

Telcob is  the global leader in bulk SMS service and voice broadcasting services. Business depends on our versatile enterprise-grade SMS gateway and voice solutions

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