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Samsung Active Watch 2 has been around released for quite a while now

Samsung Active Watch 2 has been around released for quite a while now, and after all these months now is the perfect moment to say. That this watch is the epitome of perfection in the realm of smart watches. Samsung Active Watch 2, and the Apple Watch 5 was released in a similar time spam, yet the wearable capable of running the Android OS seemed to perform way better.

Apple Watch 5 may have some stunning features, but what truly captivates the audience is the ability to customize. The Samsung Active Watch 2 aspiring to make the lives of its wearers easier has been packed with a variety of different features to help every day task become easier.


Now, to talk about the best features of the active 2 as a fitness wearable. It comprises many workout apps, that help you reach your daily goals faster and with more accuracy. Though some of the apps may perform better than the others. But in overall efficiency this is probably the best fitness wearable in the market. You get a heart rate sensor, sports apps, cool Samsung watch features, and customizable widgets. With this particular device making this a fitness watch specifically designed to appeal your perspectives.


We talked about the differences between the specs of Samsung watch 2 and the apple watch 5 series, another great reason for you to choose this particular device. Is the remarkable difference in the prices now the Samsung active 2 costs around 299$ while the apple watch 5 is about 399$ and the variations in the watch just keep getting more expensive. So, you clearly know what the budget smartwatch should actually be worth. 


Another reason of why you should opt for alluring Smart watch is because of the stunning straps it has to offer, while apple only occupies the current black and while version of straps. The android watches will always seem to have a bit more creativity to them so, even if you don’t seem the current straps reasonable cost. You can always get ones customize for yourself at pretty low costs, making the watch look as fresh as possible. 

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How To Register Kindle Device

A Complete Guide on How To Register Kindle Device?

How To Register Kindle Device
How To Register Kindle Device

When you buy the Kindle device from the Amazon store then they provide it after proper registration. But, if someone has gifted you the amazing Kindle paper white then you need to register it. Now the question that is troubling you is “How To Register Kindle Device ”

We have properly understood your concern and hence we have come up with this amazing article. Each point that we are going to include in this article is well researched and practically proved. Hence you can smile now as you are on the right page. 

We can assure you that you are going to use one of the best e-book readers of the decade, i.e Kindle. It is more than an e-book, register yourself first and then see the features of this device. 

Methods To Register Kindle Device

Before moving to the steps to register the Kindle device, make sure your device is connected with a proper internet connection. To check the speed of the wifi network you can connect any other device with the same network. If the connection is fine then you can proceed further, if not then you have to call your ISP. 

  • Now, when you will start your Kindle device, you will see a window in which you will be asked to enter the email and password for the Amazon account. 
  • Enter the details to proceed further but if you don’t have any amazon account then you have to create one and then only you can register Kindle. 

Are you ready? 

Let’s first know how to create an amazon account. 

  • Click on “create a new account” first. 
  • Now, you have to choose the country name and the region you belong to. Fill the details and then click on continue. 
  • Now, you have to enter your full name, email address, and a strong password. Confirm the password then press the OK button. 
  • Now you have to enter the payment and the billing method. You have the option in the payment method, either choose a credit card or gift card purchased. 

After doing that, if there are any social media networks that have been linked to the amazon account then at the time of login you will be asked for permission. You can also set parental controls. 

And congratulations! Now you have successfully created the account on the kindle. Now you can buy any books you want to read on your Kindle device without facing any issues. When the Ebooks that you have ordered download completely then they will start appearing on the home screen of the device. 

As soon as you will complete the registration process, you will then see a short tutorial. In this tutorial, you will be told about how you can use the device. You can skip the tutorial if you know about the basics. 

After the tutorial is finished, you will then see your Home screen with a welcome message. 

In such a case that you need to de-register and then register it again, then you have to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, make sure that you are connected with the wifi network. If not then connect the device with the wifi. 
  • Now you have to open the “menu” tab and then click on “settings” which then followed by “registration”. 
  • You will then get a warning that you are going to deregister the device, tap cancel to stop it. 
  • Now, you have to choose to register with an existing amazon account.
  • It’s time to enter the email and passwords that were registered before. 
  • Click on submit. 
  • This process ends here. 

In the last…

Amazon’s Kindle device is really an outstanding invention for the one who loves to read. In case there is someone in your house who loves to read then nothing could be better than a Kindle device. 

There are a number of features of this device that your loved ones will get so much happy. One can store up to 1,400 books on the device. Even in the bright sunshine, anyone can read the book because of its special high-contrast screen. 

The screen of the device is so sharp that you will feel like you are reading a book. Also, you can adjust text size according to you. Hence, stop wasting time and buy this amazing device today.

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What To Do About The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Image result for cybersecurity flickr

What To Do About The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?

It is simple economics— the supply and demand. 

Apparently, an endless supply of increasingly complicated and innovative cyber-attacks has also been driving the increased demand for qualified professionals in order to help defend businesses. 

However, are there enough professionals to meet such growing demands? Well, according to a report, it does not seem that way! 

Seventy-four percent of respondents revealed that their organizations are being affected by this skill shortage. And this number has already sneaked up from 70 percent last 2018. 

Organizations from various industries are anticipated to keep their consumers’ data secure and safe. However, this growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals makes it difficult to do that. 

So, how can your organization deal with this shortage?

  • Training

Organizations should build and develop their own internal cybersecurity professional skills base. In short, your company needs to invest in comprehensive training and making your IT professionals attend security conferences to increase their knowledge and skills.

Only professionals with a thorough understanding of the standards and compliance and end-to-end security issues can develop, support and maintain a robust security posture for your organization’s needs. 

  • Identify The Threats

Employees will always be your company’s greatest asset. However, they can also be your most dreaded cybersecurity threat. You should consider the following:

  • Are your business units placed in deep silos? If so, the lack of communication across your company can prove dangerous to organization-wide cybersecurity. 
  • Are your employees overworked? Well, they tend to make more mistakes when tired, causing you security problems. 
  • Are security decisions made with internal insights? If your IT department is a limited unit lacking the strong communication channels to your other business departments, then they may not be making the best security decisions and strategies for such departments. 
  • Are responsibilities and roles clearly defined? When both non-IT and IT staff perform security functions, there may be a lack of reliable governance and coordination. 
  • Integrate Cybersecurity Mind

Cybersecurity should never be the sole responsibility of the IT department— regardless of its size. And although the IT team should lead the charge, the entire company needs to realize and understand the crucial importance of cybersecurity. 

Thus, all business data, processes and application owners need to have a role in protecting their organization resources. 

  • Prioritize Knowledge and Skills

If your HR department only looks to hire those who graduated a 4-year-college each program, your organization fails to consider the varied perspectives and skills people with the nontraditional backgrounds can bring.

For instance, IBM has worked to prioritize attributesthat cannot be taught in a classroom— passion for problem-solving, unrestrained curiosity, understanding of risks, and strong ethics. People with such traits are believed to quickly pick up the necessary technical skills via industry certifications, on-the-job training, modern vocational and skills educational programs and community college courses. 

  • Better Salaries

Some organizations already have good and knowledgeable IT professionals. The problem is that they tend to neglect them and causing them to leave for another company. 

A report revealed that 85 percent of the cybersecurity workforce is open to new opportunities with only 15 percent not looking to switch jobs. In addition, these valued cybersecurity professionals are being contacted various times a month while others contacted numerous times a day by aggressive recruiters. 

Often ties, cybersecurity pros find it hard to compete with better salary packages that can contribute to why these professionals were looking to find new jobs. 

If your organizations can’t compete on their salary packages, you will have to find other ways in order to add value. Can you develop mentorship programs, offer training for their career path or allow them to learn new skills?

Overall, providing training opportunities, making them feel valued, and offering competitive salary packages can help you retain these valued employees. 

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10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected
Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

We are living in the modern era; people who can’t even afford good lifestyle own cell phones. Modern technologies are spreading with the speed of light in the world. Smart phone technology has revolutionised the todays word. Sitting on one end of the globe you can connect another person, living in some otter edge of the world. People are doing business using this smart invention, a small Business have many clients from all over the world and the great thing is that all this is happening with the ease of mind and easily.

As the technology advances to the moon, people want to utilize it in the best possible way they can. Android mobile tracking is the buzz word in today’s world. There are several reasons for which people want to spy on others, sometimes the reason behind spying is trust issues, or a parent who is worried about his kids, or you might be a worried boss about your business security. No matter what the reason is, we are going to tell you 10 amazing tips that can help you in tacking someone’s phone without being detected.

Use BlurSPY app:

What can be best then to have an all-in-one spying app that will resolve all your concerns and insecurities? To install spying app is the best, easiest and shoddy in price way for better parenting control or for another purpose.  Since allot of spying apps are present, it will be difficult for you to choose which one is the leading app among them, we made it simple for you by choosing BlurSPY, the only app which is the most reliable and easy to use with beg hasted features.

Live call recordings:

Calls are great means of communication. If you are a parent then you may be worried about your teenage child, to with whom he is contacting. Being an innocent person, he/she can be easily get trapped in any one’s sugar-coated words, so for spying on their calls, BlurSPY Android spy app provides you facility to do;

  • Listen all incoming and outgoing calls live
  • Record these calls and listen it later
  • Interrupt live calls

Track SMS:

Nowadays people talk mostly via SMS. SMS are also known as the silent ways of communication because you don’t need to give some special protocol and also do not need to excuse others just for few minutes’ conversation. To gain access to the SMS means you have a key to others personal life info. You just need a target and blur spy phone surveillance system and then spy now!

Use GPS:

GPS tracking is a well-known feature of blur spy and is very helpful when it comes to tracking an android device remotely. Blur spy GPS tracking provides you the facility to track the current location of the target device through your dashboard.

Use password chaser:

To know his/her password is impossible? Not anymore, BlurSPY has made this impossible thing possible! Yes, you hear right, with an amazing feature of password chasing, now you can easily figure out the password patterns of target device, to track or hack easily.

Use Email Monitor:

Target device’s email account is the key to track it. With BlurSPY devastated feature, you can monitor, and track emails od target device as well. This feature is very helpful for those company owners who are very insecure about their company’s security.

  • Every employee waste 21 hours of his life every week on an average
  • More than 30% of employs confessed that they are leaking their company’s information

You can’t trust anyone or you have suspect on some employ, use this feature of BlurSPY to track their emails.

Track internet browsing:

Internet is a gate to heaven of information, but at the same time it is a gate to hell as well, if you are a parent you definitely want to track your child’s internet browsing history and if are an employer then you should be worried about your employee’s connection with internet.

  • 30%-40% internet browsing by employees is done for personal use.

This problem is known resolved by BlurSPY, now you can track their browsing history as well.

Social Media Hacking:

Every parent wish to have access to their child’s social media accounts to have proper eye on them, this is not a wish anymore, now to you can hack an instagram account password and track your child’s social media account with the help of BlurSPY.

Track Multimedia:

BlurSPY also helps you in tracking multimedia of target devices. Now you can have clear picture of what type of media, videos, and picture your child or employee have in their cell phone.

Use Google Photos:

You can track android phones by using google photos as well. For this you need to have an active Gmail account in the device you wish to track.

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Explore the Blockchain Platform With Azure Guidance

Can cloud and Blockchain work together without canceling each other out?

If someone would have asked you this question a few years back, your answer would have been a definite NO. 

But that’s an old scenario of 5 years ago. From the time Microsoft Azure brought Blockchain to the cloud, all the doubts went away!

Matt Kerner, the general manager of Microsoft Azure stated in one of his interviews with Coindesk-“Blockchain empowers the next step – enabling a single, authentic data set shared across counterparties. This is already improving the way transactions happen.”

But, the question is, are Azure Blockchain features really being that helpful as he claims?

In this blog, we’re going to tell you all about Azure Blockchain service and where it is bestowing the blessings upon corporate sectors. But before we start, let us tell you in brief about Blockchain and Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform first, so that you can find a clear connection.

We all know about cloud computing. Isn’t it? It is an on-demand availability of the computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power without direct active management by the users. And you know about Microsoft Azure too from our previous blog. It’s been a while that Microsoft Azure has been a very trusted cloud-based and user-friendly platform. Now, how does it relate to Blockchain? Well, let’s have an Azure Blockchain overview to know this answer.

An Overview of Azure Blockchain:

Azure Blockchain Service is a managed ledger service that allows the users to operate Blockchain Networks at scale in Azure. An Azure Blockchain framework provides unified control for both infrastructure management as well as a Blockchain network governance. 

Apart from this, it includes:

  • Network Deployment and Operations:

Deployment of Azure Blockchain Services is done through the Azure portal, Azure CLI or using the Azure Blockchain visual code extension. This has been simplified including the provisioning of transaction and validator nodes. While deploying a new Blockchain member users also create or join a consortium. Azure also helps the end-to-end Blockchain management with the help of performance and service tire. The transaction nodes are secured with firewall rules and require configuration to access.

  • Built-in Consortium Management:

A consortium in Azure denotes a logical group to manage the governance and connectivity between Blockchain members who do transactions in a multi-party process. Azure Blockchain service provides you with a built-in governance control with pre-defined smart contracts that determine the actions taken by the consortium members. One can manage a consortium by using common interfaces too rather than submitting and modifying solitary-based smart contracts.

  • Develop Smart Contracts With Familiar Tools:

With the help of Microsoft Azure-based Blockchain as a service facility, developers can leverage familiar tools like Truffle Suit in order to build smart contracts. The Azure Blockchain Development Kit extension allows them to create or connect to the existing consortium to do the same. 

Not only this, Blockchain Data Manager for Azure blockchain service captures, transforms, and delivers transaction data to Azure event grid topics providing reliable and scalable Blockchain ledger integrations. 

What do you think? If implemented well, the Azure Blockchain project can really be a breakthrough. Isn’t it?

Now let’s look into Microsoft’s diary, to find out where and how to use Azure with Blockchain.

Improvement In Terms Of Developer Experience:

Need we even mention this that Developers are going to get most benefitted by getting started with Azure Blockchain? 

To help developers build applications on the service, Microsoft designed a special Azure Blockchain Development Kit. It runs on all the operating systems and brings out the best of Microsoft and open-source Blockchain tooling including deep integrations. There are a few features that developers can make the best use of as well:

  • Interactive Debugger:

If we look into Azure Blockchain use cases, this one has been appreciated the most from the developers. Its breakpoints, call stacks, watch windows and interactive pop-ups let developers identify, debug and resolve issues.

  • Auto-generated Prototype UI:

The development kit generates a special UI that is rendered and activated by Visual studio code. It allows developers to interact with their deployed contracts without building other UI or custom software simply to test the basic functionality of their contracts.

Blockchain Adoption With Microsoft  Azure Blockchain Token:

On their customers’ continuous demand to tokenize physical and digital assets, Azure Blockchain managed to create a preview of Azure Blockchain tokens. These tokens will simplify the ability to define, create and manage compliant tokens that are built on industry-standard. Not only this, these tokens provide pre-built templates for the common scenario as well. With the help of these tokens, top-notch end-to-end customer experience is being expected.

But, is it really working? Let’s see what CEEK Virtual Reality, a streaming platform for live and recorded augmented reality who has been using Azure Blockchain Tokens has to say about it.

“CEEK Virtual Reality was looking for a trusted partner to help us with content viewership verification on the blockchain, and Azure Blockchain Tokens was perfect because it helped to drastically reduce our time to market and offered a trusted partner for providing proof on the blockchain.” – said Mary Spio, the chief technology officer of CEEK Virtual Reality.


During 2018 and 2019, you must have come across so many discussions in various forums- “Is Blockchain going to overtake the cloud services?”

Microsoft Azure and Blockchain came up with the answer together.

So, if someone asks you next time- “What is Azure Blockchain service?” simply tell them, it’s a proof of how these two can literally flip the coin for good to bring a remarkable transformation.

If you want to become accredited expert in this you need to achieve two certification blockchain certification and Microsoft Azure Certification

Who knows, maybe you are the chosen one to bring your organization under a Microsoft Azure Blockchain environment? Let’s give it a try!