Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

It’s the era of online gaming in India and online rummy covers a wide space in the internet of games. The traditional flavours of the game have been revamped by online gaming portals for rummy players of this generation by introducing various cash rummy games with new features and exciting rummy game rules to work in the favour of players who are looking to reap great returns from their skills.

Let’s talk about these brand new features of online rummy and learn some new amazing tricks to be on the winning side of the game. 

Brand New Features of Online Rummy

Online rummy has revived the age old love for rummy by introducing fresh features and offerings to tweak the excitement of online rummy cash players. The card game consists of some standard features that are run and featured by leading online rummy portals of the day. Let’s check them out so that you may claim your stakes in this exciting rummy revolution. 

Although different variations of rummy have evolved over time, the most widely featured variant of the game in most online rummy portals is 13 Card Indian Rummy. 

Here’s the rummy game rules for this variant. 

13 Card Online Rummy Rules

  • This variant is commonly played between 2-6 players with a deck of 52 cards
  • All players are dealt 13 cards each in a clockwise manner
  • Players need to use these cards smartly to make valid combination of sets and sequences
  • Joker is used as a wild card to replace any missing card in a combination
  • The action begins with a player picking one card from the closed deck and discarding an unwanted one from his set of cards to replace the one he/she picks
  • The action continues in a clockwise manner and the player who manages to make valid combinations and declares his cards first among all becomes the winner
  • One of the essential rummy game rules is that all players must form one pure sequence to make a valid declaration

These are the basic rummy game rules in 13 card Indian rummy one needs to know to make an error free start in the game. 

However, like most games, 13 card online rummy is also based on a points system that’s derived from the cards themselves. Check it out.

Points System in Online Rummy

The objective in 13 card rummy is to score 0 points to become the winner. Any point scored by any player gets added to the tally as penalty points. In cash rummy games, they are replicated in terms of the amount you win or lose.

  • Interestingly, all cards in 13 card Indian Rummy carry value according to the number of the cards
  • This means cards from 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • Suited cards like Joker, Queen, King and Ace are the costliest and each carry 10 points
  • Bonus cards and printed jokers carry zero points
  • Players can gain a maximum penalty of 80 points per game in online rummy

How to Win in Online Rummy Every Time? 

Rummy cash games have become competitive more than ever as gaming portals have raised the ante by introducing a whole new tie up of tourneys and rewards. Some leading portals also feature Loyalty Rewards program to offer a premium gaming experience to its players. When so much is at stake, it almost pushes you to learn how to win at rummy every time you hit the felts.

  1. Online rummy games are featuring new and exciting variants such as Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy so that players can enjoy variation from time to time. Before diving into cash rummy games or registering for a big tournament, players must try these different variants and figure out which type works best for them.
  2. When you play rummy cash games, make it a rule of thumb to discard suited cards first unless you have a combination with them right from the start. Remember, these cards carry maximum points that will cost you real money and also become the deciding factor in game results!
  3. Play as many practice games of online rummy before diving into rummy cash games. Watch your opponents during the game, learn how to trick them and get the cards you need from them. Working out a full proof strategy on practice games before playing major cash games or tournaments will guarantee big wins in the long run. 

RummyBaazi: An Excellent Choice for Rummy Cash Game Players

Regular players who are looking to cash in BIG with their unbeatable skills in online cash games of rummy, RummyBaazi is a fitting portal to go for currently. It is hosting numerous online rummy cash games and mega tournaments with monster prize pools and exciting leaderboard rewards for top finishers for the month of March. The portal also features a Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards that includes a treasure chest of stunning prizes that include the likes of OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone, JBL Bluetooth speakers and real cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

Rummy lovers looking for exciting opportunities on how to win in rummy every time, the portal is running Happy Hours on the RB app to offer boosted opportunities to earn some of those coveted rewards this month. For more details on its current promotions, you may check the RummyBaazi official website here.

Wrapping UpBrand new game inventions, stellar nationwide competition, amazing promotions and ravishing rewards makes playing online cash games of rummy in this century totally worth it. Just stick to the rules you learnt today and you are absolutely good to go!


Learn Open Face Chinese Poker in 6 Minutes!!!

Open Face Chinese Poker
Open Face Chinese Poker

Poker is one such sport that even if some of you do not play the game, you know it’s out there and thriving. Its worldwide popularity is such that new poker variants are being played and introduced in various online poker rooms today. One such exciting poker variant that you must know how to play is Open Face Chinese poker.  

This game originally came into being in Finland during the mid-2000s although some believe it has roots in Chinese poker games, especially regular Chinese poker. No matter its origin, like all popular poker games, Open Face Chinese poker is fun to learn and play and there’s absolutely no going back once you know the game. 

So, how about you learn it right away?

Introduction to Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese poker is also known as Pineapple poker but it is different than the ruling variants such as Texas Hold’em. OFC is played typically between 2-3 players with a standard 52 card game deck. It is perhaps one of the most interestingly new poker variants that doesn’t require any chips to play! 

Open Face Chinese poker is a strictly points based game where all players receive 13 cards that they need to arrange in the form of three poker hands across three different rows- top, middle and bottom. Unlike regular poker variants, players are scored in points, a feature more similar to hearts or rummy. 

The poker hands (top, middle and bottom) of each player are compared to one another in a row wise manner and players are scored according to the strength of their hands. While the middle and bottom row contains 5 cards, the top row can have only 3 cards.

Note: The poker hand rankings are similar to that of Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker and players are scored accordingly.

OFC Poker Rules  

  • The top row has to be the weakest of the three hands
  • The middle row needs to be better than the top row
  • The bottom row has to be better than both the other hands

If your final hand does not follow these rules, you foul and your hand is declared as a dead hand. In Open Face Chinese poker, chances to draw a dead hand are likely as players are not allowed to see all their cards at once.

How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker

Now that you know the core concept of the game, it will be easier to understand the gameplay and the points system of OFC.

An OFC regular game between 2 players – A & B

Action 1:

Open Face Chinese poker is played with a dealer button like regular poker and action moves clockwise from the immediate left of the Dealer in case there is a 3rd player. The game begins as the dealer distributes the first 5 cards to both players, A & B.

Each player places their first 5 cards face up in each row to start forming their hands. If any player sets the cards, he or she cannot change their position after the turn. 

Action 2:

After both players have set their cards face up in the rows, they take respective turns to draw 3 more cards each and adding them in the rows to build the best possible hands. 

Note: In Open Face Chinese poker, after the first round, each player draws three cards at a time and use 2 of them to form their hands and discard the 3rd one face down. Also, since OFC poker allows you to draw more cards than regular poker, it is easier to form bigger hands which also leads to limiting the game to only 3 players.  

Action 3:

The action continues until all 13 cards have been dealt to both players A and B the hands have been completed. Once the rows of both players A & B are filled, players compare their hands against one another in a row wise manner and receive points accordingly.

How are players scored in OFC poker? 

The OFC poker rules determine the winner based on points. All final hands are scored on point basis in Open Face Chinese poker. Each row is worth one point. Here’s how you get scored.

  1. Scoop bonus- If player A beats player B in all three rows with better hands, he/she will get 6 points.
  2. If player A beats player B in two out of three rows, player A will get 1 point.
  3. If player A loses two out of three rows, player A will get minus 1 point.
  4. If player A loses all three rows, player A will get minus-6 points.

Royalty Bonus

Royalty points are bonus points you receive for making big hands in different rows when you play Open Face Chinese poker. Royalties offer big bonuses compared to regular points and are critical to winning in OFC. Each hand carries different points in different rows. 

For example, a Three of a kind carries- 0 points in bottom row, 2 points in middle row and 22 points in the top row!

Enter Fantasy Land!

This is quite an exciting feature in OFC poker rules. For instance, player A may enter Fantasy Land if he hits a pair of Qs or better in top row without committing foul. If that happens, he will receive all 13 cards in the next round and will be allowed to choose his best 13 card hand. On the contrary, opponent B will have to set his cards in the regular fashion without seeing player A’s cards.

You can continue to stay in Fantasy Land by hitting quads or better in bottom row or trips in top row. There is no limit to the no. of recurring fantasy lands you can get in Open Face Chinese poker.

In Pineapple OFC, all players receive 14 cards out of which 13 cards are used to form the best possible hands and the 14th card is discarded. 

Play Different Variants of OFC on PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi, a leading online gaming portal of poker has launched a whole new set of Open Face Chinese Poker games such as sit and go or cash games every day on the PokerBaazi app. 

To top to that, you can enjoy three different formats of the game, each with different OFC poker rules and features- Regular, Progressive and Ultimate. We mentioned PokerBaazi for new players so that you may enjoy a whole lot of variety and excitement in these exclusive formats and win lots of cash every day. 

You may also enjoy a quick 4 minute tutorial on Open Face Chinese Poker on the PokerBaazi website to brush up your basics before you go boom with OFC.

Final Remarks

Being one of the most loved games in the world, poker has been a source of joy and achievement for decades. The fact that you learnt a completely new game today, enjoy a brand new source of greatness with Open Face Chinese poker and go flaunt your knowledge among your poker pals!

Good Game!!!


How to Play Online Pool Rummy and Win Awesome Rewards?

Pool Rummy is a popular card game variant with a rich tradition and past in the Indian sub-continent. Countless stories and anecdotes have been revolving around this game among families and friends for the past several decades now to mark a consistent hallmark of this skill-based sport. This proud journey (read: evolution) has led to the birth of different sub-variants like 101 and 201 Pool Rummy and is further powered by exciting alternatives like Deal Rummy etc.

Like everything else, the shape and ingredients of this card game have evolved with time. Here we will talk about some of the prominent variants of pool rummy and the various innovations in the trending online realm of gaming. We will also introduce you to the online version of rummy and explore advantageous options on online portals that shall serve you in the best possible way on your game today. 

Leading Pool Rummy Variants: Which one should you choose?

The creation of a fresh world of virtual reality games would have almost pushed rummy to the fallen edge if it had not found a new home in the online gaming verse. The internet has added several new features to this classic game that makes it even more fun and rewarding at once. Various online gaming platforms today have added numerous variants and game types to offer more choices to players. They all revolve around a simple set of basic rules of pool rummy and you may get learn them easily. 

All domestic gaming platforms showcase the classical Indian form of rummy that’s played with 13 cards. The 13-card rummy game is played between 2 to 6 players where all players are dealt 13 cards and they need to meld their cards by forming valid sets and sequences in the least amount of time to win the game.  

This 13-card rummy is further separated into a variety of forms. We will talk about one popular variant of rummy today that’s thriving in the online realm- Pool Rummy and its basic rules that you should know. 

The Basic Rules of Pool Rummy

This is one of the most popular versions of rummy in which the main objective is to score the least number of points in totality. It is played by ‘pooling in’ money from all the players that shall collectively form the prize pool. In online rummy, players must pay a fixed buy-in amount that shall create the prize pool. You are also offered additional features to ramp up your game.

Pool rummy is halved into two kinds.

  1. 101 Pool Rummy

In 101 Pool Rummy, any player who reaches 101 points due to the inability to make valid sets or sequences will be eliminated from the game. The player who forms all proper sets and sequences without any remaining idle cards in the least possible time compared to his opponents is awarded 0 points and becomes the winner.

The winner’s amount depends on the buy-in amount, total number of players and the total number of unpaired cards in a game. 

Rules of 101 Rummy Variant-

         So, let’s get down straight to the basic 101 pool rummy rules.

  • The dealer deals 13 cards to each player. The number of cards is constant in both online and live variations.
  • Each player can leave the game at any point by clicking on the “Drop” button. However, the sudden act comes with a price.
  • A player’s “First drop” will cost 20 points whereas a “Middle Drop” will cost 40 points.
  • The “Full Drop” is a rather costly one that shall cost you 80 points.
  • Each player must compete to form valid sets and sequences in the least possible time than any other opponent.
  • Players may use one or more jokers to complete their sets and sequences
  • All players receive points based on the sum of the numerical values of their redundant cards.
  • Any player who has received 101 points or more in the game gets eliminated from the game right away.

These are the basic rules of 101 pool rummy that you need to know before you play this variant on an online platform. The best way to learn them all is to play free or practice games online.

2. 201 Pool Rummy

The objective of 201 pool rummy is the same as the former kind- that is, to form valid sets and sequences in the least possible time. The player with the lowest points at the end of the game is declared the winner. The basic change of scenario is the cut-off point that almost doubles from 101 to 201. 

Rules of 201 Rummy Variant –

  • This is also a 13-card game where each player must make the best possible sets and sequences with the help of a joker card (if available).
  • Each player may quit the game using the “Drop” option. As usual, you got to pay for the same but slightly higher than the former.
  • The “First Drop” will cost players 25 points, the “Middle Drop” will add 50 points in their tally.
  •  The “Full Drop” will cost a whole of 80 full points at once.
  • All remaining players on the table will receive points according to the numerical value of the unused cards.
  • Any player who scores 201 or more points in the game will be eliminated at once.

There are various free entry tourneys, practice games and real money games on online rummy platforms with a different set of variants. Most online portals follow the standard rules of the game that we discussed today. If you wish to try this game right away, you may download an amazing pool rummy app that’s 100% legal and trustworthy. 

It is called RummyBaazi, and it is powered by the online gaming behemoth Baazi Games Pvt. Ltd. that operates other similar skill-based sports like Poker and Fantasy Cricket on its dedicated portals. We also recommend you check out the all-new RummyBaazi app to enjoy a highly rewarding structure of rummy tournaments in all existing 13 card variants and win from an exciting pool of rewards there. New players can also go through its simple-to-know basic rules of pool rummy on its portal to take your first step towards playing online games in India. Playing Practice Games is crucial to their progress as well. As and when they get better with the basics, they can jump on to play the cash variants as well and take their swipe at the INR 4 LAC worth Baazi Rewards (loyalty rewards program) there. 

Closing Thoughts:

The New Year is all about trying new things that reward you in plenty and make you happy. So, make this intelligent transition from the offline world to the online world of excitement, thrill and awesome rewards on a portal that best reflects your interests today.

Good Game!