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Are You Ready to Play Real Fantasy Cricket Games in the Big Bash League 2019?

With the ODI series between India and West Indies meeting a befitting finale this Sunday, cricket fans are again in for a treat this month. It is about the Big Bash League in Australia and it is fast turning out to be a blockbuster for all the real fantasy cricket players in our country too. It is time you decide to create their virtual teams for the game and take your best shot at winning BIG with your skills!

Playing fantasy cricket online is the latest highway to a more thrilling online gaming experience in India. Gone are the days when people used to cheer for their superstars sitting in a stadium or in front of their TV sets and cheering for their shots. The situation has now massively turned in favour of virtual gamers and passionate cricket fans are taking up to play daily free or real fantasy cricket games on their smartphones. The best thing is that they are even bringing their passion to some good result to earn good rewards too!

This blog post aims to describe the amazing rise of real fantasy cricket games in our country and just how you too could benefit immensely from it. The key to go through it shall go through a better understanding of the sport itself and most (if not all) salient aspects of the game you are aiming to play in. We would describe all of this in the details below.

Note: We would also offer some details on how you can use a portal’s coverage of fantasy cricket tips for today’s fantasy matches to build upon your game. 

Free and Real Fantasy Cricket Games 

Here lies the competition, especially in the latter variant of the game. The free version of a daily fantasy cricket game is best suited for those new players who are only exploring this sport from all possible sides. They are the ones who need to learn about team formation and other strategies for a winning combination. The latter variant is suited for the ones who know the game inside out and have a clear-cut understanding of how to make their best move. We advise you to make a proper decision in favour of your game for either variant. 

Let’s take an example of the ongoing Big Bash League in Australia. Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars are currently reigning the top spots in the points table currently while Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers are closing on them too. This comes riding on some super performances by hard hitters like Matt Renshaw, Josh Philippe and Chris Lynn going hammer and tongs at the opposing bowlers. 

There could possibly be no better time to play fantasy cricket online games in this year and beyond- and you are more than game for it. 

As such, you should download a daily fantasy cricket app to play in either free or real cash game variant of the sport to take your first step forward. It would be best to follow some top fantasy cricket tips for today’s matches to get a better understanding of any portal’s blog. One can then decide in favour of playing virtual games on such a portal for any other limited overs matches anywhere in the world.

Download Daily Fantasy Cricket App 

It is very important to choose a safe and secure online gaming portal to play a real fantasy cricket game. It is so because playing these games would require you to have a comprehensive understanding of several aspects of the game, as follows:

  • Toss
  • Opposition
  • Details of weather and pitch
  • Availability of chosen players
  • Batting or Bowling order
  • Captain and Vice-Captain
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Current form and track record
  • Injury or recovery
  • Top players to watch out for
  • Previous experience of playing against the same opposition
  • Players who can score Bonus Points
  • Uncapped Players

We have played on several online gaming portals who offer their services along with fantasy cricket tips and tricks for ongoing matches and found them similar in several aspects. We had only checked for those portals that offer a safe and secure online gaming environment for skill-centric gaming. 

One such name among them was BalleBaazi. It is a popular online gaming portal to play free and real fantasy cricket, kabaddi and football games in India. It offers two apps for iPhones and Android smartphones to help a player take his game even when he is one the move. These apps are lightweight and offer a fast gaming experience with one-click access to the above three sports at one place. 

We were also impressed with its following set of offerings: 

  • Three different sports (cricket, kabaddi and football)
  • Three gaming formats for real fantasy cricket (Batting, Bowling and Classic)
  • Two smartphone apps (iOS and Android)
  • Leaderboard rewards for consistent performers
  • Neat UI and UX
  • Legal and Safe
  • Bank-grade security
  • Easy access to game rules and FAQs
  • Secure deposit and withdrawal processes
  • One-click promotional codes
  • Several games per unique live match 
  • Player-centric Cash Leagues and Practice Games (for real fantasy cricket)
  • Top rewards
  • Excellent Referral Bonuses
  • Monthly Promotional Offers and Bonuses

You can download BalleBaazi’s apps from its homepage and from there you could also navigate to its Blog and YuviBaazi page to get some top-notch fantasy cricket tips and tricks and to thus play your game like a PRO. 

Playing real fantasy cricket games is also a lot of responsibility 

Yes, it indeed is! We suggest you pursue your passion for your favorite sport in a responsible manner. This includes learning the sport and its rules, and never going on board for a cash league unless you have performed well in the free variants. In case you have been great in the cash variants too, it would again come advised that you keep working on your basics every day. Fantasy games are a lot of fun and the more you play them appropriately, the better player you may evolve over time!

Playing free or real fantasy cricket is a lot of fun, provided you know a smart way to zoom ahead of the competition. Thousands of players are taking to the virtual variant of their favourite sport to translate their passion into BIG wins. How about you too get started with a download of a daily fantasy cricket app today?

We hope to see you on the other side of your best game soon!

Mobile Apps

7 Must Have Mobile Apps That Are Utility

We all love our smartphones, and why shouldn’t we? They are our sole companion to every place that we go. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. There are a few mobile applications that are an absolute necessity as they help us explore the world better. The use of these applications may differ from person to person, according to their wishes and needs.

In today’s world, mobile phones are an excellent source of entertainment. The source of entertainment is fugitive with a vivid collection that is all bright and vibrant. When it comes to entertainment on a smaller screen, the definition varies from person to person. For some, entertainment might be reading, binge-watching TV shows, movies or just playing games for hours at a stretch. Thus, everyone has a different form of entertainment. Yet, there are some apps which can be found on everybody’s phone which are a utility. And, by a utility, we aren’t talking about social media. Social media is essential, where a number of plagiarised memes are forwarded without a single thought, disturbing the mental state of people who are close to you. Some social media posts are sincerely touching or funny, nonetheless, the others are a pure waste of time.

A social media post which covered the genre of satire brilliantly read,

            “What’s the one thing common between jail and Facebook?”

            “At both the places, people write on the wall and waste time!”

Well, the above copy hits the right spot with a dignified punch.

There is a lot more to your mobile phone and even more that the App Store and Play Store has to offer. Here is a list of seven application which provides you with everything that you need, from entertainment to self-help that eases the daily routine.

1.       Book My Show

Book My Show is an online ticket-booking website that offers its users to book tickets for movies, sports events, music concerts, and dramas online. A one-stop for all the entertainment requirements.

Book My Show started as a website which allowed the users to book tickets for movies online. This seems pretty usual in 2019, however, back then, when it was launched, people had to visit the theatres to buy the tickets from the ticket counter, even if it was for a later show. Book My Show eased this inconvenience and allowed its users to select their desired seats for the specific show. All the viewers had to do was pay online and collect the ticket from the ticket counter.

Soon, Book My Show got popular with the urban audience in the four metro cities. And the expansion of the organization was seen; with the addition of event and sport ticket bookings, Book My Show rose up to a new high.

Along with the introduction of various features, Book My Show also launched its mobile application. The application was initially launched for iOS and Android smartphones. The functionality and content remained the same that provided an added benefit to the audience of booking the tickets on the go.

Book My Show is a must-have application on your smartphone. It’s a utility that provides you sufficiently for the needs and wants of entertainment.

2.       Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT)

Terribly Tiny Tales is a writers and readers application.

Terribly Tiny Tales, a.k.a. TTT started out as a reader’s page on Instagram which posted short tales about anything and everything. This page quickly got popular amongst the millennial because of its quality of the content and writing skills. TTT grew popular because it gave a platform to amateur and novice writers to portray their voice through the writings. TTT started to accept writeups from various writers and share their work on the curated page.

This curation got popular over time. The number of entries to manage and curate was a really long and tiring task for the team at TTT, so, they launched a mobile app, where the entries shall be in the form of personal writeups which can be read by anyone on the app.

TTT is a must-have app for everybody, the collection is limitless with different types of formats can be picked up by a writer to write on various genres like love, friendship, introspection etc. TTT can be surfed at any place as it has formats where the tale shall not be longer than 140 characters, and there are short stories not longer than 5000 characters. This does give the reader a wider range to choose for his/her favorite genre, and format.

3.       BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money, a mobile application developed by National Payments Corporation of India is a mobile application on iOS and Android which allows the user to transfer funds electronically using UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

The process is quite simple, your mobile number i.e. linked to your bank account must be active in the same device on which the app is installed. The rest is a two-click automated procedure to link the bank account to the app.

Without a doubt, linking a bank account to the mobile phone seems unsecure, however, the application is authorized by the Government of India that provides the best level of security and privacy. The application is secured by a pin and the transactions require the user to enter a pin every time a transaction is processed. The transaction is encrypted. So, in case of theft/loss of the phone, the application is not accessible.

A new step by the government to promote Digital India. UPI is not an e-wallet, it is a method of banking transactions.

Apart from BHIM there are several other apps which provide the same service; Google Pay (Tez), PhonePe, PayTM Bank are to name a few.

UPI is now a major form of online transactions on almost all the e-commerce. A handy and highly utilized application which is a must-have on all the smartphones.

An added benefit is that you don’t need to enter your debit card number again and again to buy anything online.

4.       DigiLocker

DigiLocker is an application launched by the Government of India which allows an Indian citizen to store a digital copy of several government documents which include proof of address and proof of identity.

The setup is quite simple,

i.                     Download the app

ii.                   Sign up using your mobile number

iii.                 Link your Aadhar number

iv.                 Issue the government authorized documents like voter id, driver’s license, Aadhar card, PAN card etc.

Another added benefit is that DigiLocker allows the account holder to upload other documents as well. These documents can be certificates, lease documents, birth certificate etc.

The government issued documents/identity cards are acceptable at all the places when displayed to the respective authorities. One cannot refuse to accept the document when presented in a DigiLocker form.

DigiLocker is an application required by every Indian to have installed on their smartphones as we have a number of documents which are required at different places. Also, sharing via e-mail and other sharable applications is permitted in a PDF format.

5.       Online Music Streaming

The Indian music industry has begun to evolve into more digital from traditional. With the introduction of fast data services like 3G & 4G, online music streaming has become one of the most avid sources of music.

Well, this is not a specific app, but a category which caters various apps that has a similar collection of music with a pinch difference in the user interface. Some of them are Spotify, Saavn, Gaana and Wynk. The playlists are similar, however, the user interfaces various a bit.

Why is online music streaming a utility? This is because music is now a mindset and in the past decade with the introduction of the internet, perhaps fast-speed internet, online streaming has taken over the old-school download and play system.

A utility for the majority, yet a want for some. Still, online music streaming is going to be mentioned in this list of Must Have Mobile Apps That Are Utility.

6.       Grammarly

Grammarly is a fantastic software developed by Grammarly Inc. which serves as a writing application that proofreads the content, suggests changes according to the context and scans the writeup for over 250 grammar rules. It also checks plagiarism and proofreads the entire writing within seconds.

Grammarly was first launched in July 2009 only for desktops, where one had to add a plug-in to their browser and MS Office for Grammarly to function.

Grammarly for mobile has a wider userbase. The reason is that Grammarly on mobile devices serves as a keyboard and not just a plug in, so, it has an entire dictionary of its own. The language of the dictionary is English; however, the vocabulary depends on the VPN of the phone. Yes, Grammarly has a different vocabulary for American and British English. The functions of mobile applications remain the same, proofreading, spell-check and grammar check.

An essential application for everyone to save oneself from the embarrassment of knowing weird English.

7.       Call Recorder

Call Recorder is more of a saving grace than utility. An application that records calls made from the device.

Call Recorder records each and every second of all the phone calls dialled and received. Call recordings are a proof for a missed conversation or an important deal. The recordings are acceptable in the court of law.

Call recorder is very important for employees, businessmen and anyone who relies heavily on phone calls.

Although, there are some mobiles which have an inbuilt feature that records a phone call, but others must download and install this application. One of the most essential applications that is on this list.

Author Bio: This is a guest post submitted by EZ Life from the desk of Vatsal Vora. EZ Life is an important part of Digital India as it caters to one of the Billion Dollar Industries in India, e-commerce. The collection on the website is impeccable which includes Double Wall Collection, Kids Bags, Lunch Boxes, Umbrellas, Travel Utilities, Photo Frames and Clocks are to name a few.