Checklist To Ensure That You Are Ready For Canada

Checklist To Ensure That You Are Ready For Canada

Canada is an amazing country which is admired by a large number of international students coming from all over the world. Students prefer to come and study in Canada because of a number of reasons that include the high quality of education, natural attractions and culture. It is common now that while choosing the countries for higher studies, Canada tops the list.

Being a student of a college in Toronto for international students is not just about going to university, studying and working. It is also about getting to know about the amazing culture and lifestyle of Canada.  

The next few lines are aimed at making you ready if you are planning to go and study in Canada. The content that you will read now is coming as straight answers to questions from students who have frequently asked me for tips before moving to Canada and tips that can help them thrive in Canada as international students.

1 – Employment

  • In Canada, you can work with your study permit off-campus or on-campus.
  • Canada offers you an environment where you can earn money for your skills.
  • You can be self-employed and in command of your time at the same instant.

2 – Cooking

  • Before visiting Canada, people learn how to make basic meals before packing their bags.

It saves them from spending $100 a week on just eating out in restaurants. An average of $100 per week results in spending of $4,800 per year on food. Humongous right?

  • Also, prefer actual food before considering snacks as they will only add to your budget.
  • Cooking your own meals will save you a lot of money than eating outside.

3 – Accommodation

  • To study in Canada, you can either live on campus or off campus.
  • Staying away from family in another country can be daunting for some, hence living on campus is recommended in the first year.
  • The on-campus residence gives access to freshers and seniors to interact.
  • You can always search for the on-campus accommodation information on the respective university website.
  • In case you choose to accommodate outside, choose accommodation that is close to the university as much as possible. A walkable distance will eliminate the use of transportation and you can also save some money on bus pass or bus tickets.
  • Make sure that you know what the accommodation covers, whether it has basic facilities like internet, water, electricity, cable, heat, etc.
  • Make sure to collect a receipt for every transaction from the landlord.

4 – Arrange a ride from the airport

  • Before packing your bags make sure that you have the address of your destination as well as a handy contact number.
  • If you have planned to stay on campus, then make sure you have your school address handy.
  • Some colleges even arrange shuttle service from the airport for international students.
  • You have to check with your university if they offer the service.
  • If you are choosing a college in Toronto, then you can land at the Lester B. Pearson International Airport is corporately branded as Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is the primary international airport serving Toronto.
  • If you have chosen to stay off campus, then you can get your landlord or your host to give you a ride from the airport.
  • You can use a pay phone or free phone at the airport to let your contact know that you just arrived.

5 – Pick up driving skills

  • Attending a driving school can cost a fortune for beginners.
  • Having a few years of driving experience will only require you to book a road test after minimal driving practice to obtain a driver’s license.
  • Plan to get a driver’s license as it is needed to board local flights and it is the most widely accepted form of identification in Canada, so plan to get one.

Before getting admitted and shifting to a college in Toronto for international students, there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfil and documents you need to carry.

Study in Canada
Study in Canada


Passport and Visa – these are the non-negotiable must-have items in your package.

Carry duplicate copies just to be sure! These are the keys to the gates of opportunity for you in Canada!


To complete an application for a student permit, you must have the following:

Proof of Acceptance: The proof of acceptance is your school’s acceptance letter. Include the original letter sent to you by the school and the application form for a student permit.

Proof of Identity: A valid passport is necessary but also carry your other IDs such as valid government IDs from your country.

Also, bring two recent passport-sized photographs with your full name written at the back.

Proof of Financial Support: This document will prove that you can actually support yourself financially while living in Canada.

These may  include any one of the below: a proof of a Canadian bank account in your name, a Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a Canadian financial organization; proof of a student loan from a bank; bank statements from the past four months; or a proof of funding paid from within Canada if you are eligible for a scholarship in Canada.


  • International students are required to pass a medical examination before studying in Canada.
  • This is beneficial to both – the student and the educational institution.
  • Make sure to bring the medical requirements required by your university including the medical and dental clearances and vaccination records.

So, plan to bring anything useful at your home or campus except the electronic stuff, within the capacity of your allowed baggage in the flight. The checklist above will ensure your safe and sound journey to Canada!

Author Bio:

I am Cyn Samson, is a career mentor and a motivational speaker. Currently, I am working as an Associate Professor at Toronto international Business College. Toronto International Business College has been helping international students and students across Canada.


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