Why is there so much difference in price of sofa sets which look the same?

There are a lot of occasions when you visit a furniture store and find a sofa that looks exactly like yours but its price tag makes you believe that you have been mugged for the price you gave for your sofa. It is a very common thing to complain about the expensive things you buy when you see exactly the similar one for a low price range. So each time you get into such a situation, you question yourself, why is there so much difference in price of sofa sets which look the same. There are chances that a high-end sofa looks a lot like a cheap one and if that bothers you here are the top things that make difference in price.


First of all, you must understand that the cheap and the expensive sofa might look alike but there is always a difference between both. Let us first check the very basic differences:

  • Frame: The frame of the high end sofa will always be stronger than the cheaper one. If you get in details you will find that the frame of the expensive sofa will be carefully joined using the high quality screws and dowels. To cover it with fabric, good quality glue and staples will be used. Also, most of the expensive sofas have continues extension of the frame from body to legs that gives it more strength. On the other hand, the cheap sofas have a back support of webbing and the springs of the sofas are tied with the help of springs. That brings a major difference in the strength and quality.
  • Fabric: You can never think of a bad quality fabric used in expensive sofa. Mostly, handmade or high quality of fabric is used in the making. It gives a rich look to the sofa and a feel of comfort and warmth that cheap fabric cannot give. It can be a look alike the colors can be matching and the design and pattern of the fabric can be similar to look at, but it will never give that feel when you touch it. The fabric of expensive sofas are durable and last for long time whereas the cheap fabric gets dull and even fades after few years. It can even make your home look dull because of the loss of shine and color of the poor quality of fabric used. In short it doesn’t have a long life.
  • Cushion: The seats of the high end sofa are made up of best quality. The springs don’t squeak and the alignment is not out after little usage. The cushions are soft because of the quality of materials used. However in a cheap sofa mostly the fiber or old cushion rugs are used for making the seats and the cushions are also not that good. After sometime you can make out the difference between the quality of cushions in expensive and cheap sofas.
  • Springs: The springs of cheap sofa can get out of alignment within a few days while the springs used in expensive sofas last for a long time. There is no point of getting comfort if the springs of the sofa are no longer in their place so when you invest in a cheap quality sofa you have to replace it frequently. Making an investment in such a deal is actually a waste of time.

Now the above mentioned are the basic differences that makes a sofa expensive and other one cheap, no matter how much they look alike. So, when you are in a situation where you like a sofa but that is very expansive and you find its lookalike cheap version, it is an actually a waste of money because you will end up making a bad decision.

So, now let us see the benefits you get when you buy the expensive sofa:

When you make an expensive purchase of sofa, you get quality material that has a sturdy body and a long life. You don’t have to worry about the color of the sofa getting chipped off or the fabric getting shrunk. There are many stores that give you a guarantee when you buy sofa from them. So, if you have made an expensive purchase and you need some minor repair, you can call them anytime. However when you buy the cheap sofa, you have already accepted the substandard quality and that definitely doesn’t comes with a guarantee.

No matter how two things look alike, when there is a difference between the prices it is because of the quality of materials used in making it and the kind of strength it has. If the best quality of wood is used in making the sofa, it will definitely be expensive than the one made with a cheap quality wood. Nishant Gupta is the founder of Simply Interiors with more than 5 years of experience in FMCG (CPG and Retail domain). He is adept at operations along with marketing and finance. We at Simply Interiors are leading interior designers in Bangalore and one of our areas of Specialization is Room Painting Ideas for your Home. Come meet the experts for your next project.

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