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How is Fantasy Cricket Your Cure to Coronavirus?

If you have not heard about coronavirus by now then you must be living under a rock. The world health organisation has declared it as a pandemic. After China, the second most affected country in the world is Italy. The government officials have declared a country wide shut down which means all the offices, public places, schools and institutions have been closed to contain the virus and to stop potential carriers. Social gatherings are prohibited and people who are trying to hold events are being fined heavily. Other countries in the world are expected to follow suit.

Doctors and scientists all around the world are looking for COVID-19’s cure and continuously researching for methods to prevent it since it is a new virus and is bacteria based. Also the spreading rate of the virus is relatively fast. Governments all around the world have also declared a ban on traveling which has affected the tourism and hospitality industry. Businesses around the world are being impacted and companies are asking their employees to work from home as a prevention and a safety measure.

All the major sports attractions like the NBA, NFL and significant Football Leagues have postponed all their fixtures until we have sufficient knowledge about COVID-19. Speaking of sports, the most devastating news that came earlier this week is that the Indian Premier League will also be postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak, the ongoing South Africa tour of India has been cancelled and almost all the cricket fixtures have been cancelled or postponed.

A lot of people were looking forward to going and witnessing the greatness of the matches played in Indian Premier League live and in front of their eyes but with the virus outbreak happening right now, watching any match live seems highly unlikely. But if your heart really longs for cricket then there is one way to enjoy your favourite sport and win real cash while you quarantine yourself in your home.

This phenomenon is called ‘Fantasy Cricket’. You must be wondering what fantasy cricket is. Let us help you, It’s really easy to understand you just have to select players from both the teams that are pitted against each other and voila! You are ready to roll. The cherry on the pie is that you can also win real cash through this. Now, if you are a cricket fan then you have been blessed with a great plan where you can just ease off your mind and concentrate on things that you really love.

You have the plan, now you need a way to execute it. Well, worry not we have got your back in this area too. Let us introduce you to India’s no.1 sports app ‘BalleBaazi’.

BalleBaazi allows you to join various leagues in which you can earn a lot of real cash for as low as 1 Rupee. If you are not too sure of all the fantasy sport jargon then you can join one of the practice leagues and get familiar with the format. But again, making your own teams in fantasy cricket is easy as having a cake. Select players that you think will perform in the upcoming match. Then you have to select the Captain and Vice-Captain and you are done. If your team scores then you will be awarded with great cash prizes.

Let’s recap, you have a plan, you have an application to execute it. Now all you need is the most valuable element of all, Knowledge. As you know most of the cricket events have been canceled but there are still some leagues going on that you can use to your advantage.

  • Pakistan Super League

Pakistan’s own super league has been a hit among cricket enthusiasts all around the world. The final match which was scheduled on 22nd of March will now be played on 18th of March because of the outbreak. Players participating will be flown to their respective countries after the series is over. So practically, you have one day to be a part of this league.

  • Momentum One Day Cup

Momentum cup is left with only 3 matches on schedule. The final will be held on 21st of March. The first semi-final will be held on 17th and the second semi-final will be held on 18th of March.

  • Dhaka Premier Division 

Admittedly, this is not one of the most popular leagues out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Dhaka Premier Division League is one of the most underrated leagues in the history of cricket. Right now, you have a great chance to try fantasy cricket and win big through this league. The matches will be played till the last week of this month which gives you plenty of time to understand the concept of fantasy cricket.

If you want to dabble in the world of fantasy sports then BalleBaazi is the best way to do it. You can win free tickets from the weekly contests. You can use BalleBaazi Codes and get up to 100% Bonus. BalleBaazi has been chosen the best fantasy sports app in India by the 3 million plus user base that they have and this user base is growing rapidly. So don’t wait, we have given you 5 great reasons to start playing fantasy sports. If you should do it, then do it with BalleBaazi.

Varun Chopra
Varun Chopra


Varun Chopra is an online skill games player and believes it brought in lot of magic and excitement into his life. He loves to contest and validate his expertise in cricket by diving into fantasy cricket during every major league or match. Varun firmly believes that online gaming bears real time money making opportunities when combined with skill and when time is on his side, he often switches between online cash games of poker, rummy and even PUBG to boost his monthly savings.

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