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3 Affordable Cosmetic Laser Dentistry Tarpon Springs
Hospitals, Clinics | July 6, 2015 | Tarpon Springs(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Tarpon Springs Dental - Laser technologies have significantly improved the way that dental treatments are performed. Dr. Xhoana Gjelaj is proud to offer her Tarpon Springs patients the many benefits that come from laser dentistry. Experienc...

1 Pain and Spine Centers of Florida
Hospitals, Clinics | June 12, 2015 | Jacksonville(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Florida regional pain is one of the best pain management clinics in Jacksonville fl.They are specialized in the best treatment practice for chronic problems.

3 Doctors for Clinical Nutrition Panama City
Hospitals, Clinics | May 20, 2015 | Panama City(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Spinal decompression is used at our chiropractic clinic  in Panama City Fl, to help people who suffer with sciatica,  disc buldges/herniation and failed back surgery. Many patients are helped with this procedure and are sparred from undergo...

1 Pain Clinic Panama City
Hospitals, Clinics | April 25, 2015 | Panama City(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Why would you choose us? We are focused on an overall integration of functional Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology. We use many different tools to diagnose and treat complex problems. For more information click here... http://www.thebaydoctor.co...

3 Chiropractor Panama City FL
Hospitals, Clinics | April 17, 2015 | Panama City(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

At Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, Panama City, our focus is to restore the optimal function of body. We strive to deliver health to all, by treatment as well as proper explanation of how things work. Visit today at http://www.thebaydoctor.com

1 Good Future Teen Rehab
Hospitals, Clinics | March 28, 2015 | Delray Beach(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

2230 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Florida 33445 Phone Number : (866) 806-9150 Fax Number : (561) 266-0854 Toll Free : (866) 806-9150 Email : contact@goodfuturecenter.com Website : http://www.goodfutureteenrehab.com Google Plus : https://plus.goo...

1 skin cancer in jupiter
Hospitals, Clinics | February 24, 2015 | Jupiter(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

A diagnosis of cancer is upsetting, to say the least. Skin cancer is no exception.“Skin cancer” is a general term for various types of cancer, including: Melanoma (in the cells that give your skin pigment). Basal cell carcinoma (in the to...

1 For Dentist West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach Call us Today
Hospitals, Clinics | December 12, 2014 | West Palm Beach(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Dr. James Medlock and Dr. Elizabeth Keith have a fresh approach to oral health that is changing how patients throughout the West Palm Beach area feel about dentistry. As a biological dentistry practice, we of course use no mercury, and we employ stri...

Hospitals, Clinics | December 4, 2014 | Miami(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

Whitening the smile, also referred to as teeth bleaching, is a treatment completed to lighten the enamel of natural teeth. At Miami Modern Dental, we want to make sure our patients enjoy a beautiful, bright smile. Our practice offers two professional...

2 Good Future Rehab Inc.
Hospitals, Clinics | October 18, 2014 | Delray Beach(Florida) | Price: Check with seller

At Good Future Rehab Center, we offer the best drug abuse therapy in South Florida. We have specialized drug and alcohol treatment centers for men and Drug Addiction Treatment for women.

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