Facebook Page Facebook tips How to Ban someone on Facebook Page

How to Ban someone on Facebook Page

How to Ban someone on Facebook Page.

Some of the Facebook page users irritate and make unnecessary comments on pages. Which bring bad attention to Facebook page. You can remove those users from page using ban option. How to ban someone from Facebook page

Open your Facebook account and go to your page

In Facebook page , go setting

In setting, go to “”people and other pages “” : Under this section, you can see 4 options like

  • People Who Like This Page
  • People Who Follow This Page
  • Pages That Like This Page
  • Banned People and Pages

Select “” people who like this page”” or “”people who follow this page””

Or else search for the person whom you want to ban from your page in search box

Enter the name in search box and find him or her, Please find him or her from search box

Select them and go to setting button beside search box

You can see two options, remove from page likes it or ban from page

Click on ban from page

Pop up will appear to you, click on confirm

After that you can other notification using pop up that you have deleted person, Please close the window

And now go the people and other pages and choose “” banned people and page”

You can see the people whom you have banned from your page with date too

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