How to download facebook photos and videos

You might upload so many photos and videos on your Facebook account. If you want to want download all those images and videos from your timeline. Without using third party tools there is one official way to download all those images and videos from Facebook account. Just you need a Facebook account.  In this article let me explain how can you download all the Facebook data with contains all the information which is there in Facebook account. 

Download FACEBOOK photos and videos

1-First you login into your Facebook account, and then go to setting

2- In setting, At the bottom of general account setting you will find a Download a copy of your Facebook data.

3- When you click on the Link, you will be redirect to your archive. Now go ahead by clicking on the start your archive which is there in the Green Button.

You will get the pop up to enter your password again for either information.

5-once you click on second archive button. You will be requested to download

We are gathering your information and will send an e-mail to s************ when it is ready for download.

6- Go to your mail which is connected to your Facebook account. Download the file.

7- Your downloaded archive size is the reflection of files you upload at your Facebook account.

8- Your archive will be in zip file when you download it. To see data you must unzip the files.

9- The archive will show in three different sections like HTML, photos, and videos

HTML – contains all your tags, location, posts…etc

Photos – contains all your photo’s you upload at your Facebook account. Photos will be named in the form of numeric number not in a album name.

Videos – videos folder contain only you upload at the Facebook account. Videos will shown to you only in Mp4 format not the exact resolution video when you uploaded 

Even you upload photos and videos with high resolution , Facebook will compress those files and decrease the size of it.

If Photos are greater than 2048 pixels or 100 KB in size

If Videos are greater than 1280px wide for videos.

Then ,

To upload HD pictures and videos, make sure you set the Upload in HD setting in your Facebook app by going to More, then Settings, then Account Settings and then Videos and Photos.

When you click on HTML file , it will show the data base of your Facebook account.It will also contain same folder as photos , videos and HTML.And you can also browser all the information in a nice format. You can also see the information about your friends, messages, pokes…etc ……..

Follow the above steps and download completed data base of your Facebook account.

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