Top Four Reasons for Installing a Language Lab Software in an Educational Institution


With the advancement in different spheres of the professional world, almost all educational institutions are insisting on installing a language lab software. Here’s why these multimedia classes are beneficial for students right from a formative age.

The growth of information resources and the simultaneous expansion of technological prowess in India have gradually worked its way to a flourishing international entry and consecutive competitiveness around the world. This advanced level of improvement requires, or rather demands refining our skill sets to make us more complete and fit for the professional world. Thus, it does not matter if a candidate is only proficient in his or her field, but in order to meet global standards, also has to improve their communication in the English language. To accomplish international level tasks, this has nowadays become a must in candidates who wish to soar higher in their careers. With the interlinking connections being built all over the world, it is only natural that a language like English has developed into a ‘mediator’ or the link between different countries. Hence, its acquisition has turned out to be almost a prerequisite.

Instilling good communication skills in English in the students and professionals of our country is thus, not only a wise decision but a necessary one. However, since it is not our native language, it does come with a few hurdles for those who have not been brought up in an environment where English was frequently utilized. To correct this, educational institutions today all over the country have taken to novel initiatives of teaching the language in a much more interactive, effective and faster way. The multimedia language lab software which facilitates this is one of the most essential and upcoming strategies to this. Here are some of the many benefits that it offers:

  • Increased Interaction:

Multimedia classes in schools or colleges contain a number of channels for interaction. What this essentially means is that the student and teacher will be able to use ways of unconventional classroom communication like video chat, voice chat, etc. which are far more effective and interesting than traditional methods. This not only increases the concentration of students but significantly increases the teacher-student interaction in class which is needed for proper understanding and comprehension of a coursework.

  • Separate Language Course Materials:

These multimedia language labs are specially curated to individually handle different aspects of a language including pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary and much more which ultimately makes the student get a better hold of the language. It also takes care to relieve the students from using any influences of their mother tongue while speaking or writing in English.

  • Better Retention:

Because the system is so very interactive, it also helps the students to retain what they watch for a longer period. Instead of being a passive listener, the pupil can watch the lessons visually as well as listen to it at the same time. Even if the students miss a class or lesson, there is an opportunity to catch up by watching the recorded lessons and presentations already installed in the system software. This is useful to the teachers and students alike for keeping a consistent record of what goes on in the class on a regular basis.

  • Quality Digital Libraries:

The standards of the system software is made to be of extremely good quality material. Hence, even if there is an absence or shortage of good quality faculty in the institution, these labs can easily compensate for that factor. Additionally, along with the digital libraries, one can also make use of the live broadcasting feature that allows experts to hold interactive sessions with the class.

With the coming in of multimedia language laboratories, the educational and professional world of India seems to be going through a sea-change. This promises to bring in fruitful results in the future by allowing people to reach a level of advancement hitherto unknown.

Author Bio: Frequently writing on the benefits of modern methods of learning, here is Karun Talwar on why multimedia classes, installed with a proper language lab software has become an absolute must in any educational institution or professional institute in India.

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