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Mitrobe Sales Closing

At mitrobe network  we want to know How much you want to do sales that involves the “hard closing”. You know the, “You want one? … You have to go get it now!.  Here’s what you are going to get and that’s not all”.

It certainly can be a harsh thing. That rotten feeling in your gut comes when you are selling something to someone that really doesn’t need or want what you are offering. Well, the good news is you don’t have to be like that today.

Peter Drucker, a famous business management consultant, said. “Because it purpose is to create a customer, any business enterprise has two and only two basic functions, marketing and innovation. Marketing is the unique distinguishing function of a business.

That is really what it is all about. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. If there are not funding your business, you don’t have one. Many times the biggest mistake a company or individual makes is to focus on their product instead of focusing on their customer.

Akin Alabi, Nigeria famous small business marketer said. Don’t start a business base on what people need to buy, rather start a business based on what people wants to buy.

There is a huge difference between NEED and WANT.

How I can Help your business  drive leads/sales

It has never been easier, there are many trends today that makes it so exciting for you to get customers. It is easier. It’s cheaper. It is more effective and it can happen 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without you having to work all the time.

The first thing that you need to take advantage of is that there are millions of people online searching for what you offer. Up till now advertising and marketing has been called interuption marketing.

For instance.

If I interrupt your TV show with a loud piece of music and some cool creative advertising, that’s going to get you pay attention.

If I send you direct mail, hopefully you are going to open it.

If I put up a billboard on the side of the highway, and you are not speeding by, you will take time to read it.

By the way, it is a big mistake to put too much copy for a salt lick or some food to eat. All you need to do is put the food out there, and that food will make the deer content.

Second, there is a lot of money out there. There have never been a more significant time when disposable income and dollars are being made available. The use of credit cards online is fairly acceptable now. There is a lot of money available.

So number one, you have got millions if people searching.

Number two you have got millions of people searching their wallets at the ready. 

Why not make a product, or your nonprofit, or your information that they’re going to buy?.

Jay Abraham said something that sticks to my brain up till today, he said.

He who lives and run away, lives to market another day.

Often people quote the SBA, small business administration statistics that 95% businesses go out of business in the first five years. Well, you know what? That’s because they spend themselves out of business.

They focus on buying furniture, paying rents, having fancy website, and over designing the cover of their book. They concentrate on all sorts of bells and whistles that benefits the company or at least the ego of the owner, rather than the customer.

It said, Marketing and Innovation out of these two things, marketing is usally easier than innovation. Coming up with an innovative idea is painful like to make money, but it’s harder to sell a book on something that people are already doing than to write the first book on a specific subject people know nothing about.

Reduced risks is more important, ask yourself the following questions

  • How can i get customers without spending more money
  • How can I get them for free?
  • Where are my customers already hanging out?

Guerilla marketing is relatively easy. Guerilla marketing essentially came from the American Revolution. The minutemen were guerilla soldiers. As they ran through the woods with their rifles, they hid among the trees and took pot shots at the British Redcoats walking in straight lines down the middle of the road.

Risks really something you want to reduce because, He who lives and runs away lives to market another day.

How do I get started?

Really, the first questions a lot of people ask is, How do I get started?.

To get started you need to set goals. A big mistake people make is they focus on the process. They go, I need a website! I need a website with banner, I need a website with contact me page and a Bio page and a Excerpt from my book page and sample my product. Ofcourse it A service I offer and I will create them based on the business objectives and get my pay. So, really you want to make sure you have goals and objectives.

What is the goal of the website? Is ot to get leads? Is it to get people to phone you? Is it to introduce yourself as an expert? is it to give them samples of your work?.

So is it about Productivity. Set the goals. What are the goals and objectives? From that point everything else will fall into place. 

Setup a very clear strategy for your business if you want to scale through on the long run. 

Also, if you are a new business you need a lot of shouters for your business. You can acquire that through, banner placement, sponsored posts, influencer marketing and thereabout.

I do advertise businesses to my Facebook chatbot  and email list of subcribers to drive lead/sales for businessess. 

Meanwhile use the contact link let talk on how I can help your business drive lead/sale.

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