Simple Steps to Make More Money by boosting your Mobile App Revenue

Make More Money with Your Mobile App

You are preparing a meal and guess what!!!!! You forgot to add that one ingredient in the recipe which is the soul of the dish. No matter how embellish your dish is or how decorative the dining table is, the only thing that matters is the lack of that ingredient. Similarly, there are many entrepreneurs and organizations which focus on their ideas and the ways to implement them but always overlook the fact of adding that secret ingredient into their Monetization strategy and that is to generate revenue through mobile apps.

You are planning to launch an app for your business and finally, you have created an awesome one. Now, you think of ways to incorporate your mobile map in your marketing strategies to generate revenue. Mobile apps are merely not only a marketing tool but a ladder to your success.

You can do more than that i.e you can monetize it – astonishing!!!!! Isn’t it?

You want your apps to perform better than compared with other and to get more downloads. Your app is an additional source of income if used judiciously. You can always get paid for your ideas and creativity and maintain a constant flow of income. If your planning of building a business, you should consider apps as the ideal way to thrive in the market competencies.

Some facts about mobile apps that will leave you awe-struck:

  • There are more mobile phones than PCs and the ratio is 5 times.
  • Mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industry.
  • Nearly 75% smartphone users shop online of which nearly 80% end up buying something.
  • Mobile apps account for 89% of time spent on mobile devices while only 11% through a web browser.
  • The number of apps downloaded from Google Playstore =65 billion.
  • The number of windows app = 669,000.
  • The number of apps downloaded from Apple App store = 140 billion.

As clearly seen from the statistics, people, these days, rely on mobile apps than on desktop. But it’s not the total downloads that count but the number of the active users. The more the number of people using your app is the more income you will make. Therefore, you should provide robust and reliable mobile apps that users find easy to navigate through.

The number will usually grow, hence, it calls in for the more mobile app, thereby, providing you with the opportunity of presenting yourself to the mass and growing your business exponentially.

Here are 10 steps to make more money by boosting your mobile app:

The app you have for your business can assist you in reaching new heights giving a new definition to your business process. You can use the same app for generating more revenue, sounds like killing two birds with one stone to me, isn’t it? So, here I am giving a little insight of out to carry out an extensive campaign. You can incorporate these tactics and start right now.

  • WRITE A GOOD DESCRIPTION FOR YOUR APP: People like to get in details of everything. They like to have relevant information regarding the product. Therefore, you need to ensure that your mobile app has a good detailed information about its scope and functionality. You can use keywords that can make your app search engine friendly making it easier for people to find it. After all, the success of your app is in direct relation to how easy it is to find it.
  • ADVERTISING: you must have noticed that every time you log into your social media account there are ads running side by side. Advertising is another way of boosting your revenue through mobile apps. You can use your mobile apps as an advertising platform without shifting the focus from its core competencies. If you aren’t including apps in your mobile apps, then you are losing out on lots of opportunities. You will be surprised to know that the mobile advertising market is close to $100 billion in 2016. You can include banner ads, interstitial ads, commercial ads, rewards ads etc.

  • AUTOMATED ADS: you can use giant ads platform like iAds, DoubleClick and AdMob to integrate automated ads into your mobile app. If you are not into selling purpose just for some informational or any portals still, you can make money through automated ads, all you have to do is just integrate automated ads into your mobile app.

  • EMAIL LIST: using email list with your app can lead to an increase in the flow of income. You can tie-in email strategy with your mobile app and engage with the customer in a far better way. Wondering where to get email addresses from? The best way to gather email addresses is to add an email subscription form to your mobile app. You may have observed that before using any application you have to fill in your details or sync in with your email address, you can use the same tactic and prompt user to enter their emails. You can only do that if your business prospect is capable enough to bind them for a long time. You can promote your app through email about any latest activity about your app.

  • IN-APP PURCHASES: how many times you have interrupted by ads while you are playing a game on your device? Numerous times? Yes. Also, how many in-app purchases you have made while playing a game? For example, sometimes you have to buy tokens within a game like Poker, Temple Run etc. In-app purchases help you make as much as money as possible.
    Users can purchase your products directly from the app. Don’t worry about the payment, you can integrate in-app billing for that part.
  • BE SOCIAL: you should not overlook of not linking to social media. You can let people know of your apps through various digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Integrating your app with social media will make your business ubiquitous. So, don’t miss this step.
    In simple words, growth is the only path to which you want your business to be on. Introducing effective monetizing strategy in the business models is the way to proceed further and result in positive results. Mobile apps are a considerable source of revenue.

By this point, you must be now familiar with some effective tactics about how to increase the income you get. You can expand your business just by following the above-mentioned points. Mobile apps allow you to make establish better connections with your customers and let your business generate more revenue.
Author Name – Jessica Alba

Author Bio: – Jessica Alba is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a web developer for more than 5 Years. CWS is the leading mobile app development company that also provides WordPress Development service and other IT solutions. Jessica has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.

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