Science, Commerce or Humanities – What to Select for a Successful Career?

After appearing for class 10th examinations, students have to take a big step of choosing a career which will impact their rest of the life. At this point, many students are completely baffled on what they should pursue.

Endless thoughts race through the inquisitive minds regarding which subjects to choose for further studies. So, it is natural that students will get confused while taking the first step of their career.

Due to the peer pressure, they might end up choosing the wrong stream. However, the decision of opting for a particular stream is a crucial decision and should be made carefully.  

“In 2015, 1.5 million engineers graduated across India. The number was three times than a decade. However, a survey stated that less than 20% of the graduates were considered fit for employment.”

If you are one of those students who is facing a dilemma at this point in their lives, then this information is for you. Keep reading-

As the decision will directly influence your career, a serious thought and a solid research are imperative. I have listed below some tips that will help you in making the right decision:

  • Be realistic – Every student has a different aptitude. If you are weak in subjects like biology, chemistry, and mathematics, science stream is not for you. Likewise, if you are not good in theory, humanities is not the stream for you. Knowing and accepting your strengths and weakness will take you to the right selection. But that is not all!
  • Research about the streams – Identifying your strengths and aptitude is not all. Understand the career paths and opportunities the chosen course will offer you. Gather as much as possible details about the stream, its scope, and the difficulty level.
  • Get counselling – Education counsellors are experts in the task to guide students in selecting the right field. They understand the capabilities and aptitude of the students and make suggestions on the basis of their market knowledge. Students, parents or guardians must get involved in the counselling.
  • Know your interests – Think about your area of interest! Sit down and think about the subjects you are passionate. Consider the subjects that you can study for long hours and do not bore you.
  • Find the career prospectus – Career is the main motive behind education. Therefore, analyse and check out diverse career options that are possible in that field and what will be its demand in the future.
  • Take on-field experience – You can always visit a work-related place of the field to know it’s practical applications. Suppose you aspire to become a lawyer, you can make a visit to a court and interact with professionals of the field. If you find it satisfying, then you can go ahead with selecting the subject.

Before you take the final step, here is a comparison between the three major streams available in India-


Science is a vast subject that provides students with several lucrative career options. The field includes a systematic study of medicine, engineering, and natural phenomena. After studying science, students have the option to pursue their careers in mathematics, computer science, IT electronics, etc.  


Commerce is a stream that will prepare you for careers related to business and trade. Selecting a commerce stream can result in getting a reputed and highest paying jobs such as company secretary and investment banker. This makes commerce stream popular and the most opted subject by students. For reaching such designated jobs, students will have to study subjects like economics, accountancy, income tax, etc.


Humanities is an academic discipline which deals with the study of ‘human conditions’ by employing the methods that are analytical, critical and speculative. Humanities is the most underrated subject and the least opted by students because there are myths prevailing amongst people such as –

  • You opt for arts if you score less or
  • Arts or humanities is for students who are not smart enough for studying science or commerce
  • Humanities is suited only to the weak students

On the contrary, humanities as a subject holds great importance, especially in today’s scenario as it encompasses almost all aspects of human beings and understanding human cognition. It has a wide range of subjects such as history, literature, sociology, psychology, performing arts, anthropology and many more. It is a subject that can open endless career options in front of you and therefore we should rise up pass the existing myths and be non-judgemental in making our selection.

If you have a considerable interest in knowing about human society, ideologies, beliefs, and concepts related to human expression, then you should definitely consider opting for humanities. On selecting humanities, you qualify to join many exciting career opportunities such as journalism, teaching, literature, and so on.

In 2015, out of 36,000 students participated in a survey from 9 cities.

  • 74% of students desired humanities.
  • Shockingly, only 11% opted for biology in science
  • 9% for mathematics in science
  • 6% for commerce.

In some cases, it is also noticed that students realise just after opting for a stream that they have made the wrong decision. What should students do in such a scenario? However, students can switch streams after class 11th but not after that.

Below is a comparison that will simplify your career decision:

Field of Interest


Higher studies


Natural Phenomena,
Logical Reasoning

Can make a shift to commerce or humanities after 11th.

Students can start preparing for professions such as engineering or medicine before 12th standard by appearing in entrance examinations.



Can shift to humanities stream  after Class 11th

Students can start preparing for professions such as CA or CS soon after 12th standard.


Human theory,
Social environment
Creative thinking

Have to stick to humanities and cannot make any shift

Students usually have to complete their graduation before starting a professional career such as journalism or psychologist.

Every child is special! Each one of you is born with different capabilities. If each one of you is self-aware, your potential can be utilised in the right direction and lead a successful life.

Author Bio –

The writer is a tutor, educator, and academic writer. He/She is associated with Nalanda International School, Vadodara and has a passion for writing and collecting stamps. Nalanda International School provides best-in-class education to the students with latest facilities.

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