Top 10 study tips for CBSE schools students

It has often been observed among students of top CBSE schools in Amravati that throughout the academic year they are ve0072y lose with their study schedule. The sincere students stay updated and firm with their studies throughout the academic year. But, some are like waking up at last month before the final exam. Now, what needed to be done in last moments? Simply, such students like to run through the leftover syllabus, but still they can’t catch the train. And, when it happens with the students those appearing for the board exams, it literally feels like biting nails for them.
During such intense time, students should not blindly keep reading the books non-stop for 14-15 hours aiming to complete the syllabus. It may happen that you may fall sick at the end of the day.
So, here it’s wise start to put efforts on effective studies in small parts taking reasonable breaks in between. The focus should not be on the number of hours, but it should be how much you studied.
The students of CBSE schools in Amravati often follows the following top ten tips to study effectively in such a situation.
Let’s focus on the best ten tips to study effectively in such situation.
Divide the chapters in even smaller portion
It will be easier to complete one section of the syllabus when divided in smaller parts. It won’t be beneficial to rush with all the chapters the same time. You cannot memorize any part properly. It’s better to focus on how much part you have completed rather than focusing on how much yet to complete.
Study continuously for maximum two hours
Our mind and body both need rest. So don’t stretch your study hours more than two and give a break to yourself. These two hours are again can be divided. After 40-45 minutes of concentrated studies, just stretch yourself for 5 minutes. Have glass of water or juice. That feeds energy to your mind and body both.
Give rest to mind
While in the small breaks of 5 minutes in between, let your mind rest completely rather than indulging it into any sort of activity. You can simply close your eyes and rest, or you can have a walk to look outside views. Just give up from your mind any related thoughts to studies or other stress.
This 5 minutes break to your mind is effective in carrying studies further in full flow.
Focus on core material
The syllabus can be divided into core and elaborative material. Core materials mean important principles, important diagrams, theorems, formulae, and graphs.
Whereas, elaborative material may consists of examples, illustrations, quotes, etc.
The exam paper mostly covers asking question from the core material. So, when time comes to struggle with an unfinished syllabus, start preparing with core material.

Divide the subjects in categories
It can be one of the best tips to categorize the syllabus before starting the study schedule for the day.
Subjects like biology, history, and geography which are completely theoretical subjects. They need to be memorized and mugged up hard. These subjects can be focused during long duration.
Maths and physics are problem solving subjects. These subjects should be given the time when you are actively fresh. This helps you to cover the major portion of the syllabus in short time.
English literature and other literature subjects can be categorized as interpreted based subjects.
Alternate each of the categories in long study period.
The teachers from CBSE schools in Amravati avails this idea to their all the students to help them out for the best board exam preparation.
Highlight the important lines
While reading the chapters, there come across many important points. It will be advisable and of much help to highlight such points for the multiple referring and revisions.
Read out all the highlighted points loudly that immensely helps to remember the lines for long. Keep repeating the process till end.
While teaching in the classes of CBSE board schools in Amravati, the teachers always list them the important points and guide the students to highlight it.
Note taking strategies
The note making should be important, and it needs to done in correct way. The notes are made for the revisions in short time. SQ5R and Cornell notes are the best ways to make the notes.
SQ5R means Survey, Questions, Read, Record, Recite, Review and Reflect.
Survey means go through the textbooks and mark the important areas. Don’t waste more time.
Make the possible question from the headings and sub-headings of the lessons.
Going through the text and record the marked points in your language. Bullets and boxes made points are easily visible. Recite these points.
Question yourself the same you have already noted and recite and then judge how many you can answer them.
Repeat all the above points. Try reflecting on the points and topics learnt by you till you memorized it completely.
Many CBSE board schools in Amravati dictate and guide their students to follow the above note making strategies.
A CORNELL note is defined as three column configurations of taking notes. It helps in memorizing and recalling information in the easiest way.
Using visual clues
You can write the important formulas’, historical dates, and short forms of important information in the colourful chart papers. Paste these chart papers on a freeze, cup-board, almirah, and your bedroom wall.
This will make the study little funny and interesting ways.
Revisions within 24 hours
Here again another 3Rs are need to be remembered and followed, recapped, reviewed, and reinforced. All the new information learnt needs to subject to these 3Rs within 24 hours. It helps to remember your hard work done till date.
Boost memory with enough sleep
7-8 hours of sleep is essential to retain your memory for long period.
All the above points are the best tips to refer for preparing for exams in short duration.

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