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Addiction to drugs can have effects on the daily lives of addicts and those around them. To combat the physical, psychological, emotional, and legal issues that arise when using drugs, addicts are offered rehab. Drug rehabilitation is the process of addressing the problem and working to overcome it. There are two main approaches to this process: outpatient drug rehab and inpatient drug rehab. No matter which Utah drug rehab is sought, it is a step in the right direction. Here is more information about these different programs and what a patient can expect from the experience.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

If a patient does not have the time or money for inpatient rehab, or if they are looking for continual care after an inpatient stay, outpatient programs are offered by several different facilities in order to help with sobriety and recovery. This approach allows the patient to gather tools to treat their addiction without keeping them in the care of a facility 24/7.

There is flexibility in scheduling appointments, discrete and longer term treatment, and sometimes a lower cost than inpatient rehab, but outpatient rehab is not for everyone. Those who have a strong physical dependence for drugs will have a hard time trying to stay clean with all of the freedom that outpatient rehab offers. However, those who have learned to better control their addictions may find that having the outpatient opportunity to see family, friends, and supporters helps them to continue on their path of sobriety.

If a patient does choose outpatient rehab, that will usually receive an assessment that helps to develop a personal and individual plan. This plan may include group therapy, one-on-one therapy with a professional, and education classes. A good center has a staff that is able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a patient that is struggling after they leave sessions, and depending on the situation, it may warrant them to recommend that the patient enroll or return to inpatient rehab.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

There are many different facilities in Utah that offer inpatient rehab and the process of getting started is very similar to outpatient rehab; The patient’s addiction is evaluated before they are put on a plan. This plan often involves dealing with the emotional and physical pain of detox first. The patients are kept under trained medical and therapeutic supervision to ensure their health and safety before they begin with the group and individual therapy.

Inpatient rehab keeps the patients on a 24/7 schedule catered to their particular needs as an addict. This means that there are meals and community activities scheduled to keep the patients comfortable and sociable. However, this also means that visits also have to be scheduled. Family sessions are encouraged to help a support system develop and to help address issues that stem from the drug addiction. Inpatient rehab gives the addict a break from dealing with the outside world in hopes that they will be able to concentrate on caring for themselves more. Once the program comes to an end, they often provide aftercare options including: outpatient treatment, a halfway house, and recovery support groups, all of which they may offer in the same facility.

The key to choosing a program that will be successful is doing research and understanding the patient’s condition. The level and type of treatment needed to treat varying forms of addiction may narrow down choices, as well as, the budget. A certain program may be mandated by the court, but in cases of voluntarily entering rehab, insurance also has a say in the rehabilitation that they will choose to cover. Do not hastily make a decision, sobriety is worth the careful consideration of pros and cons.

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